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What is Root and What are the Pros and cons of Rooting ?

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What is Root and What are the Pros and cons of Rooting ?
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What is Root? Pros and Cons of rooting.

We have given a complete encyclopedia of Root and its pros and cons. What you can achieve by rooting and what are the disadvantages.

Root in layman’s language is a term or a process to access what is restricted by default. When you purchase a new phone, ever wondered there are many useless apps, which cannot be uninstalled.With root access you can remove all such Apps. This is just one of the benefit of rooting your cell, there are tonnes of other advantages of rooting.

There are cases when your manufacturer has not provided updated version of Android, in such cases if you have a rooted cell you can download a custom rom of updated version and flash (A.K.A install) it on your device. Keep reading below for each and every terms related to root.

Root:rootbrowser icon

Root is nothing but to access the system place which is restricted by Android. You can edit, delete or modify system files, personally I would not suggest to mess with this part. As you might corrupt your entire Android, leaving just a black screen to deal with. Rooting process is little tricky, as there are different devices having different rooting processes. So if you are really interested to enter the Root world, shoot with the name of your device make and model in comment section, and we can try our best to help you out.


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Recovery is a small software, which comes to action for backup and rescwm-galaxy-minitore of your entire phone data (not SD card). There are two types of recoverr floating in forums, CWM and TWRP. CWM stand for Clock Work Mod while TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Project. Any of these recovery can be used to install Custom ROMs as well. Installing recovery is the second step after rooting. T
o enter recovery mode in most of the cell phones, you need to switch off your cell competely.
Press volume down plus power button to enter the recovery mode. Lastly, there are different versions of recovery as well in both the types, so choose the one which is compatible with your device.

Custom ROM:

Custom ROM is nothing but the modified version of Android. “Stock Android”, is the unmodified version of Android by Google. All the leading manufacturers make necessary changes to Stock Android in order to enhance the performance according to their chipsets. There are people like me who like to distinguish themselves from crowd, thus Flashing Custom ROM. There are tonnes of Custom ROMs out there. You need to study your chipset make and model, as not all Custom ROMs are compatible will all the devices. For example, Mediatek and Qualcomm chipsets have different Custom ROMs. Cyanogemod is one of the famous Custom ROM.

System Apps:

Once you are rooted, there are number of apps out there which can help you to uninstall useless system apps which are consuming unnecessary space. Please understand properly the description before uninstalling any system app. Once I had uninstalled Android Keyboard, rest you can imagine what I had to go through without a keyboard. This is just a small mistake, but there are certain very necessary apps, which if removed, will complete stop all the processes and you will be in middle of ocean without a life jacket.

Move Apps:

This is one of the best part of rooting according to me. Facebook, Whatsapp and many more such apps are by default configured to be installed on device memory. If you have a rooted device, you can move these kind of apps to SD card, letting yourself have more free space on device memory.

There are certain other advantages of rooting, like hacking games or their resources. But we have opted out to cover hacking topics. Apart from that, you can contact us by commenting below for any rooting related query. You can also share your feedback or suggestions if any. If you are already having a rooted device you might also like to see Top 5 apps for rooted devices.

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