What does ‘N’ Stands for in upcoming Android N?

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What does ‘N’ Stands for in upcoming Android N?
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Split Screen Multi-Tasking is under construction – says Google: Android N ?

A majority part of Android users are still running two generations old Android KitKat version on their device. Google released Android Marshmallow with some really impressive security patches to target corporate audiences. According to the stats published by Google, KitKat is still leading the race with 36.6% while Marshmallow is being used by just 0.5% of users globally. This clearly says that Marshmallow has not yet captured its place even though it is one of the best updates Google has released.

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As said earlier, Marshmallow is still struggling and there are rumors of Android N releasing next year. Android lovers now have a new guessing game on their minds, what does N stands for? Is it a Nougat, Nutella, or anything else. Out of all the rumors floating around on the internet, one is news is hundred percent official, and that is Split screen multi-tasking feature on the new Android N.

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We must admit, Android really sucks when it comes to multi-tasking. By introducing spit-screen feature, the drawback is assumed to be removed. The feature is still ‘Under Construction’ and doesn’t look like going public until next year. Apart from that, the feature is also not expected to come as an update in Marshmallow.

Keeping aside split screen, there are certain UI changes expected with Android N which aren’t yet revealed, because Google does not want to ‘Spoil Surprises’. The release date is not yet officially declared, but looking at the tradition Google follows, it should be at the next Google Event in 2016.

What do you think about Android N? What does N Stands for? Share it in comments.

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