How to Use Google Reverse Image Search on Android Phone

How to Use Google Reverse Image Search on Android Phone

Gratefully, designer Qixingchen has ventured in with an application to scaffold this crevice in usefulness. It permits you to do a Google Images look for any photo on your telephone, yet it hides itself in Android’s share menu, so it’s there when you require it, yet escapes your direction when you don’t.

Step #1: Install Image Search

Next, simply ahead and open the application to alter a portion of the alternatives – Install and Download android app which is called Image Search.

Download Image Search for free from the Google Play Store


Step #2: Adjust Image Search Options

From here, the primary thing you ought to do is handicap the “Open settings before transfer” alternative, as this spares a stage when you’re doing a turnaround picture seek. Beside that, you can go to “Custom web crawlers” and tap the + catch on the off chance that you’d jump at the chance to include a picture seeking administration other than Google—yet that is likely a bit much for most clients, only something to know about.

Step #3: Do an Image Search

You’ll simply need to impart the photograph to Android’s share menu. Some applications may permit you to share the picture specifically, yet in different applications, you may need to long-press the picture and pick “Spare,” then open the photo in your exhibition application and press the Share catch there.

Once you’ve shared the picture, recently select “Picture Search” from Android’s share menu, then sit tight a moment or two for the photo to be transferred. Now, you’ll be taken to the Google Images list items page for this photo, where you can check whether the picture has showed up somewhere else on the web. You can likewise check whether there are higher quality renditions of the picture by tapping “More Sizes,” and you can look down on this same page to see outwardly comparable pictures.

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