Unique GPS & Navigation Apps for Android - Turn-By-Turn Navigation GPS Features

Unique GPS & Navigation Apps for Android – Turn-By-Turn Navigation GPS Features

When we think navigation app, we typically think Google Maps. It’s the one most people recommend and it happens to be the navigation app that gets updated the most often. Google has been really on top of navigation especially over the last couple of years. However, if you’re not too keen on Google Maps or you want navigation done a different way.

How Do I Get GPS Navigation Apps On Android Phone?

BackCountry Navigator GPS Probackcountry-navigator-gps-pro-icon-2016

BackCountry Navigator is first on our list and if you’re a camper or hiker it’s one you should look at it. We looked at it briefly on our indie apps of the day segment and liked what we saw. It’s pretty expensive but what you get is a number of offline topographical maps that is perfect for those places where there is no data service to download them.

Download BackCountry Navigator GPS Pro from Google Play Store

GPS Essentialsgps-essentials-icon-2016-gps-navigation-apps-for-android

GPS Essentials has an antiquated interface but it is still a pretty decent app. The app’s claim to fame is its dashboard that allows you to monitor all kinds of stats including your average speed, altitude, distance traveled, moon phase, ETA to destination, and a number of other stats. Another unique feature is a HUD that will show you your waypoints and we liked that a lot.

Download GPS Essentials from Google Play Store

HERE Mapshere-beta-icon-2016-gps-navigation-apps-for-android

HERE Maps is developed by Nokia and it made quite the splash in 2014. It made another splash in 2015 when it was sold to a consortium of automobile manufacturers including Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. It features a simple, elegant interface with mapping options all over the world.

Download HERE Maps from Google Play Store

MapFactor: GPS Navigationmapfactor-icon-gps-navigation-apps-for-android
This is most advance and classic navigation apps specially for maximum Google Maps users. One important feature of MapFactor: GPS Navigation is that you can download and install this application in directly to SD cards and you can use this app as offline mode. All over the worlds outcries and cities are attached with app maps. This MapFactor app has a enough features to get all related requirement. Check out the GPS Navigation maps on MapFactor app and enjoy your trip.

Download MapFactor: GPS Navigation from Google Play Store

Google Maps: Best GPS Navigationgoogle-maps-2016-icon-best-gps-navigation-apps-for-android

Google maps navigation is free to available in google play store. Its has lots of features and app updates. It has facility to download offline maps in your android phone’s SD card. Showing a amazing Street View in all around the world with perfect names & icons.

How does Google Maps work offline? Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1. Download map from google play store by using offline mode
Step 2. Tap to open apps on your android smartphone
Step 3. Click on the search bar and scroll to the very bottom
Step 4. Dont forget to choose option of “Save a new offline map”
Step 5. To zoom the navigation map and list down the area which you want to save
Step 6. Finally Give name to youe offline map and save it

Download Google Maps from Google Play Store

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