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Trick To Stay Online in Clash Of Clans Forever !

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Trick To Stay Online in Clash Of Clans Forever !
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How to Stay Online in Clash of Clans Forever to save your trophies

SuperCell had released Clash of Clans a long time back, instead of losing popularity over time; it has been completely opposite. The game is getting popular day-by-day. Clash of Clans is a strategy game, that requires smartness and lots of patience.

One thing all Clash Of Clans player fear is that, they lose trophies when they go to sleep and someone attacks their base. I was forced to find a trick, when one guy attacked my base and I kept pressing ‘Revenge’ button for 4 continuous hour and he was still online.

After this incident I was sure that there is some trick, or no one can always be online. So here we are with the trick, just check the guide below and stay online in Clash of Clans forever, only condition is that you will need a rooted device in order to run this trick.

How to Stay Online in Clash Of Clans Forever:

Step #1: Assuming that you have rooted your device, if not you can use the comment below with your device make and model, and we will guide you on how to root.

Step #2: Download and install Repetitouch app from Google Play Store.

Screenshot_2015-11-20-22-53-57Step #3: Open the app once installation is finished.

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Step #4: You’ll be prompted by SuperSU or other root authorization app, tap on ‘Allow’.

Step #5: Now there isn’t much to configure, just press the ‘Start’ button.

Screenshot_2015-11-20-22-54-10Step #6: You’ll be taken back to your home screen, along with small menu on right side of the screen.

Screenshot_2015-11-20-22-54-17Step #7: Launch Clash of Clans.

Step #8: Once you are on your base, tap on the RED Recording icon located on the right side.

Step #9: Now just make a single tap on townhall or any other place you like and then stop recording.

Step #10: Now long press the Play Button, and you will be asked to enter a value. This value represnts the loop, how many times you want to play the tap you did on townhall or any other place.

Step #11: Enter inf , inf stands for infinite and press Enter.

Step #12: Sit back and watch how the app automatically taps your townhall.

Step #13: Help us grow by sharing this article, if you find it useful and helpful.

The app will stop working as soon as you turn your screen off or you touch anywhere on the screen. This will also eat lots of battery, so make sure you put your device in charging.

Disclaimer: This is not a cheat, and there are almost no possibility of getting your account banned. But anyway, rooting your device will void your device warranty, and there are possiblity you might soft brick your device. We held no responsibility, so proceed at your own risk.

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