Top 5 File Transfer Apps for Android: Transfer Your Data to PC/Phone

Top 5 File Transfer Apps for Android: Transfer Your Data to PC/Phone

Earlier transferring data from one device to another had very limited options– Bluetooth was the only technology through which we could share data with other devices. Thankfully, times have changed and sharing data is easy if you own a Smartphone. There are now a plethora of Apps that transfer large amount of data within few seconds and they are also faster than Bluetooth. Find the right App that suits your requirements and you will never have to carry a USB cable around again. Here, we are looking at the best options for you:

How To Transfer Files From PC to Android Phone


xender-file-transfer-appXender works both with iOS and Android and it is free. You will just have to follow some steps (on-screen) to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and voila! This technique works up to a group of four devices at once. You can also send or receive files cross platform. You can easily connect your device to your computer if it’s on the same network as your computer, or you can use the offline mode to create a Wi-Fi hotspot when you are devoid of an internet connection. Best part is that it does not require any PC software installation.

Xender’s desktop interface is a full-fledged browser and it allows you to view all the pictures, documents, videos, music and other files stored on your computer. You can also transfer multiple files to and from your PC/laptop by dragging and dropping them onto it. Furthermore, you can also grab the APK files of any installed app on your phone, which is very useful if you want to create a back up of any specific version.

Download Xender


shareit-file-transfer-appWhether you want to share from phone to phone, PC to phone, phone to PC, SHAREit allows you to transfer of all kinds of files at lightning speed without any file size restrictions. This app is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Share huge files between devices in minutes, without USB cables, or data charges. It also supports group sharing up to five devices simultaneously. It lets you share files cross-platform for phones & computers, Android & iOS. Wireless devices with SHAREit App can automatically find one another when in range. You can even replicate contacts, music, videos, and other files from your old device to the new one in just one click. You can directly install it on your PC using Shareit Apk via Bluestacks.

Download SHAREit


superbeam-file-transfer-appNo Internet connection and you need to transfer a file? Fret not– SuperBeam solves your problem as it uses WiFi direct technology (or any WiFi connection that is accessible) to transfer your data. Pair devices using NFC (near field communication) or QR code and you are all set to be able to share documents, videos, contacts, pictures, music, apps and entire folders. It is also a File Transfer app that uses WiFi Direct to transfer large files between Android device users. This App automatically switches to hotspot mode for devices that don’t support WiFi direct.

Download SuperBeam


zapya-file-sharing-android-appZapya is considered to be the fastest means for cross-platform file transfer & sharing without any hassle. Neither mobile data, nor WiFi is required for file transfer as it has a self contained sharing network. This app is easy to use and supports multiple languages. It lets you connect to up to four devices at once.

In addition to sharing files, you can also do text chat and share streaming video/audio with nearby friends without an internet connection.

Download Zapya


cshare-android-file-transfer-appCShare is certainly one of the best Apps among WiFi file transfer Apps. Its usefulness and ease of access make the App popular around the World. This app enables you to transfer pictures, applications, videos, music and other files between phones. It is 50 times faster than Bluetooth and is free of cost. The bilateral sharing feature lets users download and send resources simultaneously. Transmission distance can reach up to 60 meters when sharing data between devices.

Download CShare

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