Top 5 Best free VPN for Android

Top 5 Best free VPN for Android
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Best Free VPN for Android : Round up of 5 top VPN services

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network; basic job of a VPN is to let you browse internet without revealing your actual IP address. This helps you in many different ways; For Example: If you are living in Australia but you wish to access US Netflix, with VPN you can fool around and access Netflix USA.

VPN changes your IP address to a different country, so when you access any website, the server does not get your actual IP adress. Another benifit of this service is that you can browse internet securely without revealing you actual identity.

Out of all the benefits, one of the most impressive part about using a VPN is that it lets you access blocked website; either by your country government or by your office server. Well, we do not encourage to go against your Country rules or your company policy, but at times if it is really important you can use VPN to access some of the blocked sites.

There’s one dangerous drawback of using an unreliable VPN. Some companies are infamous for selling your database or keep track of your interest and activites on internet. Choosing wisely is the key to security when it comes to VPN service provider.

There are tonns of companies providing VPN service, and you will find thousands providing these services for free. But make sure to read privacy policy before signing up and using the service. To make it easy for you, we have listed below some of the best VPN service apps for Android.

Top 5 Best Free VPN for Android

#1 SuperVPN Free VPN ClientSUPER VPN

With more than 10 million downloads and 4+ ratings, this is one of the best free VPN for Android. The app has been on Play Store for more than a year and have many happy users. Click the Play Store link below to download

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#2 TunnelBear VPNtunnel bear

TunnelBear has around one million download till date and leading the race when it comes to ratings. It has 4.4 ratings on Play Store. Developers regularly updates this app to give different location access.

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#3 SecureLine VPNsecure line vpn

SecureLine VPN has been developed by AVAST, one of the most trusted name in Anti-Virus software. You can completely rely on security and good bandwidth speed.

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#4 F-Secure Freedome VPNfsecure

F-secure offers 14 days free trial, but then there are different options to continue using services. Freedome also includes protection from viruses, malwares and spywares that you might come across while surfing.

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#5 ExpressVPNexpress vpn

The company claims to be providing fastest VPN on earth. The app supports 78 countries along with 97+ IP locations. Apart from that, Company has a strict ‘No-Logging’ policy which is quite impressive.

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The list is never ending, but have tried to sort out the best VPN services that are currently available on Play Store.

Do you use any other VPN service that is reliable and fast? Share with our readers by commenting below.

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