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Top 5 Adventure Games on Android to Look Forward to in 2019

Top 5 Adventure Games on Android to Look Forward to in 2019
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Top 5 Adventure Games on Android to Look Forward to in 2019
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Android games are the rave in this digital era, having surpassed gaming consoles when it comes to popularity. Besides, these games come in different genre from action to adventure. Therefore, it is up to you to venture into one that interests you.

Here are five top adventure games on Android you can play this 2019.

1. Jungle Heroes Tower Defense, (TD)

This is ideally the best tower defense game in 2019, all fun and challenging with different levels to play. It is all about how humans affect their own forest and begins just when the lumberjacks threaten the Animal Kingdom.

The lumberjacks have come for war, in different shapes and vehicles, and it is all up to you to save this jungle, to survive the game. Some cause no harm, while others are fast and difficult to kill.

Jungle Heroes TD is all about finger tapping, as you command your wild animal army of heroes such as the jaguar, bear and the lion, king of the jungle, to take control of the game.

It also has six battling towers, which consists of the gun blazing fox, the lighting deer, the icy cold penguin, the electrifying and laser sharp snake, as well as the fire trotting monkey and powerful elephant.

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2. The Wolf Among Us

This game involves controlling the big bad wolf, a character, as it hunts a murderer through the main streets of FableTown. You are investigating the murder of a woman, and thus you are required to collect evidences, to be examined later in inventory.
All the characters from fairy tale have escaped and come into our world, but do not let this fairy tale setting fool you. This game is very mature and a bit violent with some dire consequences to the decisions you make.

The first episode is free, but you will have to pay the other four, to see how the story ends.

3. To The Moon

This adventure game is so different from most, which often involve inventory and weapons. It revolves around Johnny’s life and his memories. You as john will have to look for some objects to gather energy from, in order to make your memory stronger.
You will also have to dig deep into Johnny’s memory to find what is missing, probably something about his childhood. You will need to look around his house for certain items that can connect to his memory.

If by chance, you are unable to gather enough energy from the objects. You will not move on with the game.

The more objects are collected the easier it would be to see all of Johnny’s memories. Moreover, Johnny can manipulate his memories as well as change objects, characters and even events, just to believe that he accomplished his dream, which is going to the moon.

4. This War of Mine

In this game, you take the role of a civilian and along with others. You set on a journey to save a plagued city.
You are actively trying to survive, there is less food and medicine. You do not have weapons, but you can make your own. There are scavengers and snipers waiting for you to leave your hideout. Nonetheless, you still have to leave at night to collect some objects to keep you alive.

On the other hand, you still need to control and take care of your survivors. It is all a lot but you have to manage it all, to stay alive and continue with the game.

5. Samorost 3

Of all the three Samorost series, this is the most adventurous of all. A magical flute falls around a gnome’s home, and it would want to know its origin. The gnome journeys around the cosmos and meets an engineer, whom he asks to build a rocket.
The gnome then flies to different planets, asking the different creatures there about the flute. Eventually, he finds out that this magical flute belongs to four monks, whose peace is now broken. The gnome will have to go to an evil monk and do some things to set everything right.

Now make your pick, life is full of adventure. Do not miss out, even if it is just on your smartphone.

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