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Top 3 Upcoming Open World Games

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Top 3 Upcoming Open World Games
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You can spot a gamer from a mile away, with their laptop backpacks or smart backpacks, weird headsets and crooked spines (that’s me, btw). Jokes aside, gamers always seek new games, preferably those that offer them a lot of freedom and flexibility, each thing emphasized in the open world games; here are the top 3 open world games.

#3 Red Dead Redemption 2

All you need is your horse, a functional (preferably lightweight) revolver, and someone to shoot! When Rockstar released Red Dead Redemption, back in 2010 (I feel old now), it blew everyone away. Sure, it has some bugs, but it was a tremendous upgrade to Red Dead Revolver, a game no one ever heard of.

Red Dead Redemption allowed me to live my cowboy dream: the riding, the shooting, drinking, and gambling; it had everything. So, when Rockstar said they are making Red Dead Redemption 2, I opened up a bottle of champagne.

IMO, the RDR 2 trailer showed us that Rockstar is moving the story upwards, periodically, geographically, culturally, technologically. We are moving West, leaving dusty America, entering the swaps, witnessing the birth of American entertainment.

Also, some old dude is promising that we “will die savagely.” Apparently, your character is a savage, which is announced in the trailer (stabbing, fighting, shooting, robbing and stealing). But you know what? I don’t mind being a savage.

I’m okay with being an outlaw, and I’m okay with deer hunting with a bow. I want to be Mr. Morgen, kill a gator with my gun and sell its skin for more bullets (in a video game, I actually like gators). If you didn’t check out the game yet, you can watch the trailer one here and trailer two here. And if you didn’t play RDR, be sure to check it out too.

#2 Skull And Bones


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Have you seen this game? If you didn’t, go check it out now. Just go, trust me! Here, see this E3 gameplay video, see the E3 demo reveal. While Ubisoft invests most of its resources into their two most notable franchises, AC, and Far Cry, it seems they wanted to make something new, something radically new; the result is Skull And Bones.

Ubisoft didn’t start from the ground up with this open word, MMORPG pirate game. Instead, they utilized the core gameplay mechanics featured in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. However, they don’t want to make just another pirate game; they want to turn the ship into a character.

Yes, they promise different classes (based on stats and roles), different sails (apparently, you’ll be able to customize your ship), and even customize your main character and vessels. Pretty cool, aye? It is if you like pirates.

In this multiplayer game, people will fight for domination over the sea. You’ll engage in ship battles and be able to raid and loot trade ships (in Indian ocean). There is a story, but it still unclear as to what the story will be. To tell you the truth, I’m mostly interested in gameplay mechanics, graphics, skills, and soft skills.

#1 Dead Matter


Dead Matter features 400-kilometer squared world, filled with zombies, AI, and other players. Now I know that, objectively, Dead Matter isn’t the best upcoming or the most exciting forthcoming open world game, but I liked the trailer.

I love zombies, post-apocalypse situation, and sandbox feature. You will have to pay attention to water and loot. More importantly, the game will require a lot of your attention. You will have to avoid contaminated areas, notice chopped down trees, prepare for season cycle (yes, the game should feature season cycle).

There will also be unique, AI events, which, if triggered, can be very rewarding. You’ll be able to build your base, take over a base, install electricity, gather loot, shoot people, shoot zombies, shoot everything. If developers deliver, it should be an amazing horror/survival open world game.
It isn’t developed by great and famous names like Rockstar or Ubisoft, but I would say that Quantum Integrity Software is doing a great job thus far (you can check the game here). Current gameplay (the one I saw in the gameplay trailer) seems very smooth.

The graphics are nice but is still in an early development phase. Also, developers promised to open their game to modding community, allow you (if interested in modding) to design your sandbox world or implement some features you want to see.

As a gamer, you don’t have to pack your gear in laptop backpacks to explore the world. Instead, you start your gaming gear and explore multiple open worlds, a world plagued with zombies, looted by pirates and robbed by cowboys. Yes, those are my worlds.

While I do appreciate the world we live in (I’m a true member of the idkmen), I like to experience new, virtual worlds, especially those that allow me to run away from the zombies and rob the 1890s banks. Can you blame me?

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