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Best 8 Tips to Make Your Android Device More Functional

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Best 8 Tips to Make Your Android Device More Functional
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You probably use your smartphone to make a call, check directions to a place and click some amazing pictures. But that’s not all your smartphone can do. There are some really cool and amazing Android mobile tricks that not everyone is aware of.

When you get a new smartphone, it is blazing fast for a while, but eventually, for some reasons, it slows down. Apps take longer to open and close, the phone may lag when you are swiping, and it may not be as responsive in general. The good news is that most, if not all of these issues can be fixed with some surprisingly simple tips and running just like new.

Here are 8 Smartphone Tips to Boost Your User Experience:

1. Disable/Uninsta2ll Bloatware
Most smartphones have pre-installed apps that are running in the background. They are consuming precious resources, killing your battery and are using location a lot. These apps, for privacy concerns, are what you don’t really want running on your device. The “Disable” button simply removes it from your list of apps to prevent it from running in the background.

2. Use Google’s “Find My Phone” Tool
You may have lost your smartphone, and it is outside or inside your house. It could possibly be on vibrate and you need to leave for work soon. For this, go to your PC and type and sign in with the same Google Account that is on your device. Now in the search bar, type in “Find My Phone”. Now what the website will do is find different devices linked to your Google Account as well as locate it on the map. When you hit on the ring icon, it will ring your phone. Alternatively, if you click on the map, it will give you another option where it says, Enable Lock.

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3. Back Up Your Photos Automatically
Isn’t it the worst thing to lose all your recent pictures from your phone? This can easily be avoided with Google Photos app that prompts an auto-backup. The Google Photos app makes sure there is no compromise on the quality of pictures and allows you to store an unlimited amount of pictures.

4. “OK Google” Voice Match
You can move up into your application tray and click on Google. On the very bottom or right-hand side, there are three little lines. When you click on it, then you will also have to click on Settings. Click on the option for “Voice”, go ahead to click on the second option which is “Voice Match” and toggle on the very top option. It will give you some detail about the “Voice Match” which is able to access your assistant. Once you have said “Ok Google” 3 times, you hit on done and it will ask you for your pin to make sure it is verifying the other lock screen type.

5. Use Screen Pinning
In case your phone has been handed over to someone else, you would not want them going through your apps. Most devices have it enabled, but you can always check if it isn’t, by looking through the security menu. You can easily lock the screen by tapping the pin in the multi-tasking interface on the app.

6. Split-Screen Apps
If your device operates on Android 7.0 or higher, you will be able to fire up the split-screen mode and long-press the overview button to do so. It will shrink the app you have currently opened and you can choose another app you want to launch to operate both apps simultaneously.

7. Save Offline Maps
In case you are travelling to a new place and you have no clue how to get there, save offline maps will be really helpful. Look for the place you want to get to and save it offline. Tap on the search bar at the top of the screen. Close your keypad and scroll to the bottom to look for an option that allows you to download the map.

8. Teach Your Device on How to Carry Out Small Tasks
Mute your phone while you are working, save notifications in a Google spreadsheet as soon as they appear, and you can also automatically upload pictures to Instagram and Twitter.

Author Bio: Dev Bhatt is the head of digital marketing at OnlyMobiles. Being a tech enthusiast, he also blogs to help his readers make informed decisions like when to buy mobiles on EMI without credit cards, when to choose a different payment method, or what to look for in the latest models.

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