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Ten reasons for buying an Android Phone

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Ten reasons for buying an Android Phone
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Why you should buy an Android phone: Ten Reasons sounds enough

If you are looking to buy a smartphone and facing problem in choosing operating system, here we are going to give you 10 reasons why you should buy an Android phone. Android does not require any introduction, everyone is aware about what it is. It is also a fact that we are often confused when it comes to buying a new smart phone. That’s because we have plethora of options to choose from.

To make it easier, we have listed some of the benefits of owning an Android smart phone.

Ten Reasons for buying an Android Phone

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(1) Open Source:

Android is an open source operating system ,that means developers around the globe can modify, enhance and create something better out of it. Though amongst users, stock version of Android is more preferable. Cyanogen is the modified version of stock Android, and look how famous and stable it is. Apart from that, being open source has its own benefits, loophole or bugs are identified quickly, because millions of developers are always working on it.

Android Open Source Project

(2) User Interface:

User interface in Android, is simple yet attractive. Even if you are a first time Android user, it won’t take more than half hour to get used to it. Everything is pretty easy to find. Ranging from live wallpapers to different theme options; it’s all in there right when you take your phone out of the box.

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Android User Interface (UI) vs iOS and Windows

(3) Different Choices Available:

There are lot of models available in Android market. As per the current market situation, brands are launching new Android mobiles on monthly and at times, even on weekly basis. Users can add filters to their choices to select Android mobile. They can go by brand, Android version, RAM, internal memory, expandable memory, screen sizes, rear camera, front camera, processor and more.

(4) Free Apps & Games:

There’s no doubt that Google Play Store is leading the race, when it comes to apps and games. Play Store has literally no competition in terms of apps and games. In addition, most of the useful apps and games are free, and even the paid one’s are lot cheaper compared to other platforms. Buying an Android device gives you freedom to chose from millions of apps and games.

(5) Pricing Options:

Android OS is free, anyone can download it. These makes the cost of mobile a lot cheaper, as companies do not have to pay for OS. As a result, Android mobiles start from $50 and can go up to $1000, depending upon brand, config and features. To buy an Android mobile you never need to worry about shelling out your hard earned money.

(6) Brands Availability:

As soon as you decide you want to buy an Android mobile, the second thought is undoubtedly which company. When it comes to Android, you have an edge to chose from number of manufacturers. Being tough competition almost all companies provide best-in-class after sale service.

(7) Google’s Platform:

Android, being a Google Platform, is completely reliable when it comes to security and privacy. Google has a benchmark in technology. You can be assured to get the latest technology as soon as Google releases it. Latest example, Google Play Services now enables you to record your game play and share it directly on YouTube. These are the technology improvements, that Android users gets instantly.

(8) Regular Updates:

Android is regularly updated from Google side, but manufacturer needs to customize it according to their device hardware. If you are buying from a reputed brand, you can always expect latest version of Android on your mobile.

(9) Hardware Supporters:

Android mobiles are selling like hot cakes, and that’s the reason why hardware manufacturing companies always have priority to stay up to date with changing customer behavior. Just a year back, dual core CPU were called latest, but they are obsolete now. Why? Because we have got Octa-core CPU.

(10) Customization:

We already discussed about user interface, but that’s the Google layout, right? No, you can customize the Android as you want it. You can download third-party launchers and themes from Play Store and make your Android Phone look different from crowd. If you have ever noticed your friends, none of their devices will look similar, that’s the beauty of Android.

Do you have any more reason apart from these for buying an Android? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or by commenting below.

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