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Reasons to Buy Android TV for the Next Generation

Reasons to Buy Android TV for the Next Generation
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Reasons to Buy Android TV for the Next Generation
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TVs are becoming more complex than ever. There are all sorts of smart TVs out there, with additional streaming devices to take your TV to the next generation. But what is the point of these and should you really be investing in such a technology? Well, the answer lies in the kind of TV or device you’re spending your money on. One of the big things in the market right now is Android TV and it can be a handy addition to your TV.

Let’s examine what an Android TV is all about and the benefits of buying one.

Android TV in a nutshell

Android TV is the continuation project of Google TV. It is essentially a device that allows you to connect your phone to your TV – not that you’ll be taking calls n your TV, but you can navigate and interact with your TV as you would with a phone.

What are the reasons to buy Android TV?

There are lots of benefits to opting for an Android TV instead of just relying on your smart TV to entertain you.

Ease of use

If you’ve ever used an Android product, you’ll love using the Android TV. The familiar interface makes it easy to navigate. You can change settings intuitively and make your UI look just like any other Android device.


Perhaps the main reason the Android TV is worth buying is in its compatibility. If you already have an Android phone, a tablet and even an Android smartwatch, you can synchronize them with your TV in seconds. You’ll be able to use your TV almost as if you were using your phone – it’s easy and accessible. The device also works on numerous TVs and you can use your streaming and gaming apps as you would on any other Android device.

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Voice commands

Not only is the interface going to be familiar to you, but Android TV will even support voice commands. This truly takes the use of TV to a next level. If you’re cooking while watching the TV, you don’t have to wash your hands and take a break just to change the channel. When you don’t know what to watch, you can even use it to search for things to watch. Please note the answers will include videos and options from streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix!

The latest announcement by Google made it clear the new Google Assistant will be compatible with Android TVs. This means your TV will essentially become a giant Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Wide selection of content

The impressive part about the Android TV is the availability of content. You have almost all of your Android apps right at your fingertips – including the games. If you want, you can even play in multi-player mode. Your friends just need to connect their Android tablets and phones to your TV. Aside from Androids apps, you naturally also have the manufacturers content easily available. If you have a Sony smart TV, you can see and use Sony Select as you would without the Android device, for example.

Ability to cast

Since you are using a Google product, you can also enjoy from an in-built Chromecast. This feature makes casting content from your laptop or mobile device super easy. If you want to have your friends watch you play a game or you have an interesting clip on your phone to watch, you can use this feature and enjoy the benefits of a bigger screen.

What is the best Android TV to buy?

When it comes to buying a next generation Android TV, you have a lot of options at your fingertips. In terms of affordability and luxury, you have two good options to keep in mind. You can either opt for:

  • NVIDIA Shield TV – One of the priciest Android TV boxes but also one of the most efficient. It’s also the best for gaming.
  • Q-Box 4k – An excellent and budget-friendly alternative from China. It will be able to output 4k content as well.

Both Android TV products are rather similar, but with different price tags. If you want to further cut the cost of taking your TV to the next level, you can also find plenty of coupons available at which has a list of technology retailers. Check out the selection at Newegg, for example.

Aside from the above two, you could also opt for the Amazon Fire TV. Now, the product is not actually an Android TV even though it does use Google’s operating system and it can run on any Android device.

An Android TV for the next generation is definitely worth buying. It will provide you plenty of functionality and it is a fun product to use. So don’t be afraid to add a bit of Android magic to your TV experience.

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