Android phone to taste like Pepsi

Pepsi Mobile Phones
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Android phone to taste like Pepsi
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Pepsi branded Android mobile phones to hit markets of China soon

We have never seen such kind of diversification of any business. In past we have seen several giant mobile phone brands have either discontinued or have sell it to other technology brand. But for first time, we will be seeing a cola drink brand to sell mobile phone for masses.

One of the world’s largest food and beverage brand, PepsiCo had earlier launched various Pepsi branded merchandising including apparels and accessories, but for first time, it has announced of launching an Android smart phone under its brand name.

pepsi-phoneSource: Internet

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It will be sold only in China but there are fair chances of product made available in India and other Asian markets. Interestingly, the first Android smartphone from Pepsi will be called Pepsi P1, specially designed for masses.

Two decades before, P1 used to know as Pentium 1, the fastest processor by Intel at that time. Today, the same name will be used by Pepsi for its first mobile phone, though the processor is expected to by much faster than the Pentium 1.

However, the officials of PepsiCo informed that company is not getting into manufacturing of mobile phones but it will outsource it to a local company of China. As the phone is not with so high-end specifications and is designed for masses, the price is expected to be very economical. If the phone is launched in India in future, the price is expected to be less than Rs10,000.

pepsi phone 2

Along with Android smartphone, Pepsi will also market and sell accessories. So the handsfree, mobile cover, charger and other accessories will be Pepsi branded.

Earlier, as Pepsi has been official drink of several sports events. In many of such events, Pepsi had launched shoes, TV, stereo and many other products under its brand name.

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