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Android is an ocean of topic; there are millions of apps, consolidating apps and games category. Moreover, there are thousands of devices, each of them havinng different taste of Android. There is vast scope to write when it comes to Android.

If you are on a verge of begninng your career as content writer or a blogger, we can help you get your name in limelight. Write for us, is a small initiative by Droidsavvy team to help writers around the globe to get their name acknowledged over internet.

As you can see from our site, we have no advertisement integrated  yet on our domain, and we are currently not focused on monetizing our website. Our core focus is to provide quality information to our readers. Guide them different aspects of Android Operating System.

At present, we cannot offer any remuneration for your articles. In return, we can help you get your name as a write acknowledged over social-media and other internet sources.  We have considerable about of visits per day that can help you grow.

Apart from name and fame, we have a team of qualified writers, who will guide you to develop your writing skills. We will start paying out to our freelance writers as soon as we start monetizing our website.

Rules to be followed as a writer:

  1. You should have perfect command on English Grammar.

  2. Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any circumstances, and the writer will be banned forever.

  3. Having sound knowledge of Android Operating Systems and Mobile phones.

  4. All Posts should be atleast 500 words, anything below that will not be published.

  5. Your post should be SEO friendly (Focus keywords, Subtitle and Description of 160 char.)

Before you contact us to be part of Droidsavvy, make sure your area of expertise from the categories we currently have. Just go through our site and check which category suits your the best.

If you ready to write for us, email us at: droidsavvy04@gmail.com


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