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5 Myths about Refurbished Phones – A Light on Facts

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5 Myths about Refurbished Phones – A Light on Facts
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Rumours are rumours sometimes they have a little fact hidden here and there, however most of the time it is the twisted form of lies. When it comes to technology everybody wants to stay on the top with the latest tech – gadgets in their hands. Smartphones, an amazing invention in the field of technology is the favourite gadget of people of all ages, but the good things are not coming any cheaper.

To manage the cost few of the people have moved towards the category of refurbished phones, where rest of the crowd is still covered with the stigma of having a used phone. So here we are going to discuss the myths about the gadgets which are being circulated in the society without any link to the facts.

Refurbished Phone – Meaning:
In layman language, Refurbished phones are those mobile phones which are returned to the dealer or the seller because of any small manufacturing or functioning defect, or just because the buyer changed their mind. The phone is returned in a very short period of time since the date of purchase. The seller after receiving the phone, gets it repair and perform tests on the same. Once the phone is functioning properly then it is sold in the market as refurbished phones. Hence these phones are not exactly used or second hand phones.

However the phone is not brand new so it is sold a great discount to the buyers.

Myths against the facts:

1. Similar as used Phone
When we say that the product is a used product then no one can guarantee the status of the product along with its quality. Normally used phones are sold by the private dealers or individuals on several selling sites. There is no guarantee of the condition of the phone as well as its ownership. Where as in case of Refurbished phones, the sellers are authorised dealers or the manufacturer itself. The phones are repaired, tested and is in best condition. Here there is always the guarantee of ownership and the condition of the phone.

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2. Discount or no Discount
Rumour says the cost cutting is not too much or the discount is not too high. Well, we will suggest only one thing that before making a decision visits the retailer. You will be surprised to know that refurbished phones are sold with the discount of almost 20- 40%.

3. Lack of battery life
Some of the buyers has complained that the battery life of refurbished phones are not as good as new phones. Well few researches have been carried out in regards to the claim and it is found that almost all the sets have good batter life and are as good as new. Still if you find issues, you can always ask the retailer to check it out.

4. It’s Fake
People buy things from unknown sources without checking the ownership, product, etc. properly, then they blame the product. Refurbished phones are available with almost all the authorised retailers and sellers. So instead of going to individuals or un-trustworthy sites try to reach the authorised ones where you will get the right product.

5. Don’t know the real status
A lot of people believe that one never knows anything about the condition of the phone at the time of purchase. Well every product when repaired by the seller under the name of refurbished phone is graded and divided into categories depending upon their condition. Here are the categories:

Grade A: Phones returned under the cooling period of 30 days. These phones are returned because of some minor issues without any wear and tear. Hence they are good as new.

Grade B: Few scratches here and there, rest the phones are all ready to work.

Grade C: These phones give a look of little bit usage with a small wear and tear on the body.

Grade D: The last grade meaning the phone is used as well as has faced quite a wear and tear under the hands of the ex-owner. Normally retailers don’t sell these phones.

Grading levels and systems may vary depending upon network to network. However these are the most common ones.

Author Bio: 
The article is contributed by Jeremy Hill, who is associated with JemJem as an editor. JemJem is the top online retailer of cheap refurbished iPhones in the USA. He enjoys creating, uncovering and disseminating new and interesting perspectives on technology and mobile phones.

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