How to make video calls from WhatsApp Messenger on Android:

Make Video Calls Using WhatsApp – Learn How to Do It

Facebook Messenger app for Android devices has been enjoying video calling since long. While on the other hand, WhatsApp has been favorite for text or voice calling. It is definitely a little annoying thing to keep two different apps. Thus, WhatsApp, in its latest update has introduced video calling feature. As always the feature is quite simple to use and quality has nothing to complain.

Earlier, WhatsApp had released the video calling feature to its beta testing users. But now it is rolled out to all its users globally. The feature is available for both: iOS and Android user. Today we will show you how to use it, even though it is just a piece of cake. Stay with me through this guide and start calling your friends through video.

How to make video calls from WhatsApp Messenger on Android:

Step #1: Very first thing you will need to do is to go to Play Store and update your WhatsApp messenger to its latest version.

Step #2: Once you have finished updating your app, launch it.

Step #3: Tap any of the contacts with which you wish to video call.

how-to-make-video-calls-from-whatsapp-messengerStep #4: In the conversation video at the top-right side, tap the “Call” icon.

how-to-make-whatsapp-video-callingStep #5: Earlier, tapping the Call icon used to initiate voice call without prompting you. But now, you’ll get a pop-up message to choose whether you want to make a voice call or video call. Just tap on “Video call” option.

Voila! Make funny faces or join a business conference with your associates. Do whatever you wish to with this new awesome feature. But while you enjoy is, don’t forget to follow us onFacebook, Twitter, and Google+ for other such awesome stuff.

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