Love Birds Warned: New Mobile App Lets Your Spouse Know it’s Time to Move On

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Love Birds Warned: New Mobile App Lets Your Spouse Know it’s Time to Move On
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It is very difficult to accept if your spouse is cheating on you but it is not hard to discern why you still are not willing to leave them. This is because some people find it better to live a pleasant lie than to acknowledge a devastating truth. The only reason you overlook the infidelity of your spouse is that the alternate course is more painful but what if you are being exploited for your trust.

It is estimated that roughly 30% to 60% all married individuals in the US will engage in infidelity at some point in time in their marriage and nearly half of these cases end up in divorce. There is no reason you can take for granted if your partner is being infidel but at the same time is difficult to spy on. However, this does not mean it is impossible. The best way to grab your cheating partner is an Android tracking app, which will make help you to catch your partner red-handed in an affair.

Here is how a cell phone spying app like xnspy will help you to think beyond doubts and see if your relationship is just a hoax and you need to move on. These are the things to consider.

Locking their Cell Phone Activity.

There is always room for spying when your partner starts locking his/her smartphone through passwords or lock few apps like Instant messaging. Sometimes they keep on changing their passwords believing you might access it anytime in their absence. If you often see your partner switching to a new password for hiding cell phone activity. There is a catch. They might be cheating on you or hiding if they have an affair.

xnspy is an Android tracking app which will help you to keep track of your spouse by snooping on his cell phone and seeking if they have an affair. This app will let you access the instant messaging apps like Skype, Viber, and Facebook. So if they lock the phone for you, you can still see if they are cheating on you or not.

Clear Text Messages and Data.

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If they do not lock phone through passwords, they will always try to clear the messages or data from the phone once contacted by their girlfriend/boyfriend. Remember, if they trust you, they will never worry telling you who they communicate and why. But, if they have an affair they will try to hide it by clearing history as soon as they receive a call or chat with the other person. You have to double check if he is always busy in texting and chatting and whenever you see data history it is clear.

You can easily access the text messages as soon as they are communicated, but xnspy does not upload them if they are deleted. You can upload the data online as soon as the message appears and see who he interacts and why.

Socially Active but Alone.

If your partner is socially active more than ever and he is not taking you to the gatherings anymore, there could be a chance he is into cheating on you or trying to find someone else. Considering you as an option to not taken to parties is when you can figure out if there is a crack in your relationship which is being repaired by someone else. Having said that you need to know where he is going and why.

The aforementioned cell phone spying app also works as fully-functional location tracker where you can see the location of your partner anytime. You cannot only see current locations but can also access the location history if you are too busy for real-time tracking.

You can also monitor if he/she is visiting a certain pub or bar occasionally which is a popular dating spot. It can raise many alarms especially if he lies to you about being busy while away and on that location.

At the same time, you can turn their handset into a microphone remotely and record surrounding voices through it. This will further blow the whistle if they are trying to lie to you about their activities.

Time to end!
If the cell phone spying app is really signaling that your spouse is going one-step ahead from the boundary necessary to keep a trustworthy relationship, it is time to say “No more”. This is important if you feel your trust is being exploited you should not be afraid to let go of your spouse. Remember this app will not let you fix it for the sake of fear but will dare you to say “This is the time to move on!”, as there is no reason to trust a partner who is trying to assure you that he/she still loves you while cheating on you.

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