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Locker for WhatsApp Android App Review

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Locker for WhatsApp Android App Review
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WhatsApp chats are no more limited to friend’s discussions or informal chats as this platform is used for more important reasons these days. Now users use this platform to stay connected with their clients, managers, colleagues, and with people with whom they make formal chats. Here, people share important documents, personal pictures & videos, audio files and lot more important things. When this platform is used for a lot of important conversations, it becomes important to keep WhatsApp application secured on your device.

Use WhatsApp for Locker:
Here, we are talking about a solution that helps you protect your app and chats within it, in password protected manner. WhatsApp for Locker is futuristic solution to keep your private chats completely private & confidential. Here, it offers numerous useful features bundled in a single app.

Highlights of the App:

  • Intuitive & user-friendly app.
  • Light on resources.
  • Dual-password protection.
  • Works on smart algorithms and advanced techniques to protect your chats.

Features of the App:

Intuitive & User-Friendly App: Locker for WhatsApp is a smart app that is meticulously designed to provide effective security to your conversations on WhatsApp. Here, it works on smart techniques, intuitive UI and user-friendly experience. Further, the app performs different tasks in a user-friendly manner to save your time & efforts.
Dual Security: App helps you protect your WhatsApp conversations with dual protection feature. Here. It allows you to protect your app with password and further you can set password for chats within the app. Here, you can secure individual chats or groups conversations with password to keep your important conversations secured.
Password recovery: During the process of starting this app, it asks you to provide an email address to send password recovery details. It is useful when you forget your password details and want to recover.
Unlimited Support: Using this app, you can protect unlimited chats with password. It doesn’t restrict you protecting your chats with password even when number goes to hundreds.

Light Weight App: WhatsApp for Locker is powerful app that is resource-savvy at the same time. This smart tool consumes very little device resources while offering best results to you.
Settings: Here, you can manage App Lock settings and change recovery email address.

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How does it work?

Launch an App: Once you have installed the app on your device next is to tap on “Locker for WhatsApp” icon to launch the app.

Create a Password: Next is to set a four-digit PIN to protect your app. The password you select will be common to lock app and to lock chats.

Set Recovery Email: Setting recovery email will help you recover password details when needed. Be attentive while providing an email address to back up your password details.
Grant Permission: Grant accessibility permissions to the app.
Lock Chats: To protect any chat with password simply click on “+” icon at the bottom-right corner.

Unlock Chat: To unlock any chat, simply uncheck the checkbox next to the app in the list.

The Verdict of the App: Locker for WhatsApp is a futuristic solution to help you protect your important WhatsApp conversations. This smart tool offers dual protection feature to keep your chats completely safe from prying eyes and cybercriminals. Here, it offers other useful features as well like unlimited support, intuitive interface, password recovery option and lot more. We suggest you use this app for some instant and effective results.

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