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Latest features of the upcoming Android O

List of Latest features of Android O – All you need to know

Here we are again with a new version of upcoming Android O; no one knows what the “O” stands for, same situation as Android N in the past. Lots of new and latest improvements and features are expected to come with the upcoming version and we have compiled all here in this post, just head south.

List of Latest Android O features:

#1: Redesigned Settings Menu:

This is more a UI change rather than a core change to the Android O system. But it is always good to see some visual change, especially when we are used to see the same Settings menu from many years.

#2 Smarter File Manager:

Okay, I’ll admit, don’t take the tag line literally. As the file explorer in Android O is not exactly as smart as compared to the third party file explorers like ES File Explorer. But it is far better compared to previous versions of Android default File explorer apps.

#3 Background control over apps:

Features of Android O This one is the core and most desirable update that will come up with Android O. This new update will give more power to the Android OS to control background process of the app, ultimately giving you more battery juice to hang on to your device for longer time.

#4 Navigation Bar tuner:

We have already covered an article about hidden System UI tuner in Marshmallow. The same has been re-launched with extra loaded features in Android O. The user will have more power over customization with this new System UI tuner.

#5 Picture-in-Picture Mode:

This one is definitely going to get a lot of glazing eyeballs from Android freaks. A most awaited feature that does not need any details and information.

#6 Send / Receive files using Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi File transfer in AndroidYeah, you surely read that right. With Android O, you’ll not need to install any third-party app to transfer files using Wi-Fi, as the upcoming Android O will support the same functionality built-in.

Did we miss something? You already know that we are always open for your feedback and suggestions and that’s why we have comments section below, use it!

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