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Latest Action Games for Android Device

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Latest Action Games for Android Device
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Top 5 Action Games for Android Devices.

We have handpicked top 5 action games for your android devices. Kill or get killed, is the only motto on a battlefield. Test your nerves with this exciting action games.

Action games have always been a center of attraction for hardcore gamers thus, we have selected top 5 action games to ease your search. Whether it’s a first person shooting or a complete war fare interface, we have it all. Shoot at sight, else get a head-shot. Experience the anxiety of a warfare situation with these action games.

#1. Call of Duty®: Heroes


Even if you are a casual gamer, there are very little chances you might not have heard about Call of Duty. Gamer have always had their eyes for a new series of this game. Unlike PC version, game play on android is more like a strategy game, but it will definitely won’t disappoint you. Build your base and army, defend it and attack your enemies; simple yet exciting game play. You will be starting your base from scratch, move ahead in game to make it invincible.

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#2. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

modern combat

This is undoubtedly one of the best First person shooting game for android device. It’s simple and smooth interface helps you to aim at enemies easier and faster. Whether your are a team player or a Solo maniac, this game features both. Option to create your squad or join an existing squad along with chatting options. Amazing graphics and intense campaigns will make you addicted to this game.

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#3 Modern Sniper

modern sniper

Modern Sniper: One more joins the FPS (First Person Shooter) league, but Modern Sniper is little different. Here your job is to act as a silent assassin and not to create a mayhem. Ultra-realistic 3D graphics and real-world weapons selection along with 50 plus missions, will never let you  run out of adrenaline rush. Modern Sniper is currently rated four starts from almost a million users. This is one of the best action games for Android devices.

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#4. Death Shooter 2:Zombie killer

death shooter

If you are one of those, who likes to build castle’s in air thinking that no human being can shoot you; then this game belongs to you. Because in Death Shooter 2:Zombie killer, you are to fight zombies instead of criminals or army. It is more like a counter-strike but with zombie mod, it’s not worth a fortune but definitely a superb time killer game.

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#5. American Sniper Assassin

american sniper

American Sniper Assassin is a first person shooting game, with an option to become to kill enemies on streets or aim for a single high profile target. With number of guns and upgrades, along with smooth and tactical user interface makes it look like a cup of tea for a even a novice player. Zoom in and out for accurate shot, try to aim for head shots as much as you can to earn more points. American Sniper Assassin is undoubtedly a great time killing machine.

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