How UX/UI of Mobile App is Important for Business Growth?

How UX/UI of a Mobile App is Important for Business Growth
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How UX/UI of Mobile App is Important for Business Growth?
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Thomas Watson Jr., retired IBM CEO believed that a good design is good business. Back in those days, design to people meant a superficial polish of good looking homes, it was marketing with another name, and this symbiosis of design and business back then was a prophecy than reality. 19 Years after his death, only now, Watson is being proved right!

Any innovation that is taking place now, specifically through digital means is inextricably linked with design. Design has become a vital decisive advantage in numerous industries; companies such as Starbucks to Pinterest are all singing the design gospel. Let alone Apple prove this, design enables stroking consumer lust which pays off higher in return.

Designers play a key role, now, in figuring out how the kit of parts can become something more than an idea-if they do the job right, the results can be an innovation. Again take Apple as an example, its products has expanded from iPods to iMacs, iPads, iTunes, and iPhones, all linked through iCloud. It’s time for businesses to grasp this reality and step ahead.

If you want to get the app developed, than pay special attention to its design-as the main focus now is the design. Why? Because good app design is profitable. If you need a team of experts to assist you with this task, then get in touch with a reputable service provider such as VeztekUSA for mobile app development. They have designers who play the game very well.

Let’s discuss how the design of an app can help your business grow:

The technically standard definition of UX is, “person’s perception and response that results from the anticipated use of a product, service or system”

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UX, short for User Experience, is a process by in which you interact and behave after using something. Precisely, it’s your experience of using an incredibly intuitive online store, an outstanding website, or an application from which you acquired the information you needed.

Today, almost every business whether small of big has an app. An app or a website can influence the decision of a potential customer to make purchase or not. UX enables customers to decide whether to stay on the website/app or to leave within seconds of their experience.

So, initially it is the user experience that lets the customer make decisions for present stay and future returns-as for your business UX empowers in bringing more business to you.

The Difference between UI and UX
Although the difference between the UX and UI (User Interfac) is blur, but let’s define UI first “UI defines how a product will be laid out. It’s design of every piece of the website that speaks visually”.

A UI designer is responsible for making sure the product feels good on every step and has logic behind every step flowing from the beginning to the end. However, a UI without UX is like an artist throwing paint on a cloth without the idea behind it. And a UX without UI is a group of frames that doesn’t grab anyone’s attention.

Another simple and medical explanation is: in the human body project. All the organs inside the skeleton make UX and UI is anything that is added on top to add beauty to the skeleton.

How Can UX/UI Help your Business to Grow?

Customers normally see a website or an app design and try mimicking it. This is the main issue, every product and service differs and cannot carry the same features for success. The key features of a website or an app UX and UI are all same, the major ones that ensure business growth are:

An easy and speedy sign in and sing out process
Clear and easy screens where user won’t get lost
Every step is given special attention and the path is designed carefully
All the buttons and the required functions are available
The landing page shows a clear path for users concerns
The experience is real

Design driven innovations pose a challenge for the companies that live by it. This is the major focus of all the businesses now, and as per Watson’s work, good design can materially help good businesses reach to their full potential. We cannot neglect how something looks and feels. Companies need to put forward brilliant sketches and then working applications and websites.

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