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How to USE Wikipedia Search on WhatsApp

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How to USE Wikipedia Search on WhatsApp
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WhatsApp is an incredible illustration of what clients need in a mobile application. A very easy and simple application to utilize, moreover having a reasonable worth recommendation as an fastest texting stage.

But this is not enough, some people are enthusiastic to look beyond all this and come up with some other functionality to Whatsapp. Like recently a mob from India has designed a Whatsapp bot which will facilitate its users to get access to services directly on Whatsapp now, which could only be accessible on the internet. For example, now users can access Wikipedia search on Whatsapp which earlier was possible only on the internet.

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Now you can enjoy live updates on latest news with help of Wikipedia search on Whatsapp, also you can access data on any theme from Wikipedia group on Whatsapp, read arbitrary quotes, get train data, laugh on funny and witty jokes and the sky is the limit from there. Please sote, that this bot is available only for Indian numbers.

Let us learn how to activate Wikipedia search on your smartphone?
1. Before activating the Wikipedia search, create a contact with any name of your choice and then add this number: +91-7401004510
2. Next step is to download your WhatsApp mobile app and make a group and add the WhatsApp Bot contact to this group.
3. All done! here you go. Now you can add any number of friends and family to the group or can even enjoy the Whatsapp bot single handed.

Search Terms in Wikipedia Group:

To get information on topic, type Wiki SEARCHTERM and send to the group.
To join English news channel, send +NEWS to the group. You can unsubscribe anytime by sending -NEWS as well.
Know meaning of words by sending +DICT WORD to the group.
Join Football or Cricket channel by sending +CRICKET or +FOOTBALL to the group.

For more codes and information, visit

Hope these tips will be helpful for Whatsapp users, as now you can directly search for your favorite things from your smartphones.

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