How to use two Facebook account on single Android Device

How to use two Facebook account on single Android Device
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Use two Facebook account on single Android device – No more switching accounts

It’s no more a myth that everyone possesses more than one Facebook account. I have seen people with more than a dozen Facebook account. On asking, the reply was they like fooling people with fake ID’s. Though, I personally do not possess more than one, even then, I have worked out a way to have two Facebook account on single Android device.

The process does not require any root access or installing any fancy app from Play Store I came across this trick when I was on roaming and my data consumption was a serious concern to me. What I did was to install Facebook Lite on my Android and roam freely around the country.

Later when I returned back, I didn’t switch to the native Facebook app. As soon as I hit my office Wi-Fi, I started receiving duplicate notifications – one from Facebook app and other from Facebook Lite. It was that time I realized that both the app are working independently.

How to use two Facebook account on single Android device:

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Therefore, I logged out of my account from Facebook Lite, and logged back in with my Wife’s credentials (she doesn’t know I did that, so keep it that way if you like to read my article and want me alive!). To my surprise, I was receiving notifications of both the accounts.

As I am a hardcore Android lover, I thought to share this sweet trick with you guys. All you’ll need to do is to download both the apps by Facebook, and login with your two accounts differently on both the apps.

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