Review: Show/Hide Whatsapp Images App – How to Use

Review: Show/Hide Whatsapp Images App - How to Use
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Review: Show/Hide Whatsapp Images App – How to Use
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Whatsapp automatically downloads various media files such as images, audio, documents, videos as they are shared by your contacts. Most media shared on Whatsapp might be of no use and is better of deleted. However, there are also files that contain some private or candid moments with friends. In such cases, it can really become tough to sort important stuff from trash. Also, the more cluttered your device is with media files, the harder it is to keep private stuff safe from onlookers.

Since Whatsapp messenger is used by almost 1 billion people world, this is definitely a global problem for users. Thankfully there is a solution to this, brought to you by Tweaking Technologies that doesn’t require deleting anything from your Android device.

By installing “Show/Hide Whatsapp Images” tool, Whatsapp users can simply hide any images, audio files or videos. This makes searching for important items much easier and also keeps private stuff hidden from prying eyes. This way you won’t have to delete anything, while still maintaining privacy.

How to Use Show/Hide Whatsapp Images Tool for Android

You won’t believe how easy it is to use Show/Hide Whatsapp Images tool. Simply download the app from Google Play store and install on your device. Once you launch the app, it will take you to a simple screen listed with various media files types. All you need to do is simply check the files you want hidden on your device and presto! All file types you check marked, will be hidden in your gallery.

Note: Changes might take time to appear on some devices after your media gallery gets refreshed.

Benefits of Using Show/Hide Whatsapp Images Tool

Manage Gallery: This tool helps you manage your media library efficiently and effortlessly. You can hide/unhide any file from your gallery, as per your requirements.

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Search Files Quickly: Hiding all unwanted or unnecessary files will help you search for important files much quickly, and will save a lot of your precious time.

Strengthens Privacy Without Complications: If you fear that anyone using your phone can see your private photos or other files, you can simply hide them. This is much more convenient than moving selected files to a private folder.

Saves Files From Being Deleted: You never know when you might need a file again once you’ve deleted them. This tool will prevent such problems and you no longer have to delete anything.

App Verdict: Despite of its limited functionality, Tweaking Technologies’ Show/Hide Whatsapp Images is a perfect tool for quickly managing media files on your Android device. It is quite easy to setup and doesn’t require setting up any passcode or account. Just checkmark the items you want to hide and that’s it. Try it today and de-clutter your smartphone’s storage without removing anything.

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