How to Use OR Turn Your Android Smartphone As a Security Camera

How to Use OR Turn Your Android Smartphone As a Security Camera

On the off chance that you need to screen your home or business while you’re away, will require an Internet-associated camera. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have an old android smartphone that is lounging around social affair clean, an old tablet that has lost its gloss or an Android stay with a webcam like the Measy U2C, you can transform it into a dependably on, remote camera with negligible bother. Here’s the manner by which to transform your Android device into a security camera.

How to Turn Your Android Smartphone As Security Camera for Home & Office

1. Download AtHome Video Streamer from Google Play. There are various distinctive security camera applications accessible, including IP Webcam, which additionally offers extraordinary free gushing. In any case, it’s more hard to view video from outside your neighborhood coordinate with that application.

how-to-turn-your-android-smartphone-as-security-camera-for-home-office-12. Swipe Past all the early on screens until you see the Start Now catch, which is on the fourth screen.

3. Tap the Start Now catch. You will see a live camera see screen.

4. Tap the menu catch in the upper left corner.

5. Tap Change Password.

6. Enter a custom username and secret word and tap Save.

7. Tap Back to come back to the camera screen.

8. Record the CID code, which is situated in the upper right corner of the screen.

9 Toddy Gear makes a $15 bean-sack stand called the Wedge which can prop up any cell phone in scene or picture introduction

After complete above process of camera set up, now you have right to see it from another android device by using or installing viewer application of AtHome Camera – Home Security. Now you can set up andd track maximum five cameras from another phone or tablet

Step 1. Go to Google Play Store and Download AtHome Camera

how-to-turn-your-android-smartphone-as-security-camera-for-home-office-2Step 2. Open and Click Upper Right Corner and select By CID in Box

Step 3. Enter username and password of COD as used for first earlier app, Top on Remember Me and tap Save

Step 4. Connect remote account by click on camera icon.

Step 5. Now Choose the camera you wish to view. You have right to view one camera on the account,

Finally your steps are over here and you can controls at the bottom of the screen also have permission to capture stills images and switch between front and back cameras. OR flash light features also supporting in this applications.

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