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How to Speed up Android Phone: Regular Maintenance is the key

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How to Speed up Android Phone: Regular Maintenance is the key
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How To Speed up Android Phone in Some Simple Steps

Android mobiles are simply amazing when we talk about user interface or connectivity options. But after a certain period of time our Android mobile does not behave as it used to when it was new. It does not matter what flagship device you are flaunting in your hand. After certain period almost all devices start to under perform.

There are many reasons behind this kind of behavior. Almost all users are making some common mistakes when using an Android phone. Installing lots of apps and games, downloading different software that claims to speed up your device, installing apps that guarantees you double battery backup and many other things.

One thing to clearly fix in your mind is that, none of so called ‘performance enhancer’ apps can come to any help. If your device battery is 2200mAh, it won’t give you output of 5000mAh, same way if your CPU is 1Ghz, it won’t speed up to 2Ghz. You have to adapt with your mobile, rather messing it up in one or the other way.

Look at the list on How to Speed up Android phone running any Android Version:

Restart your device once in a while

This is a basic requirement; looking at the flagship configurations of mobile device, they are no different than our PC or laptop. We do not keep our PC or desktop turned ON all the time, Do we? Similarly, your mobile needs to sleep, even though for few minutes, but it needs some rest. Moreover, when you restart your device, all the temporary files or cache files are deleted. Even your RAM is cleared completely after a restart. Develop a habit to restart your device once in every 24 hours.

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Remove unnecessary apps

You might have downloaded tons of apps on your Android mobile, because you have a 64GB flagship premium device to flaunt. Do you know these apps keep running in background, regardless of your use. They just not only eats up your storage, they also occupy you CPU as well as RAM. Try uninstalling all unnecessary apps and restart your device.

Download Advanced Task killer

Advanced Task Killer is available for free on Google Play Store, it is tiny little app that does not take more than 2Mb on your device. Kill apps that are working in background with this task killer. This will keep your RAM usage in control. You can also set Auto-kill from different options, doing this, the app will kill all the background processes as per the time limit you set.

Clean your Mobile files by CCleaner

CCleaner is also a free app available on Google Play Store, this app will scan your device for unnecessary files and cache. Last time I scanned my mobile with this app, and I freed up more than 300MB. It also scans for empty folders and cleans them. Adapt a habit of cleaning your device once in a week to keep it tidy from unnecessary files.

Get rid of heavy animations

There’s no doubt your phone looks cool with certain launchers and animated wallpapers. These animated images keep using your CPU and RAM, without resulting in any productive output. Instead, set a Full HD wallpaper that looks more decent. Also get rid of launchers, that just gives you visual satisfaction at cost of performance.

Remove Pre-installed applications

Every manufacturer gives you certain apps built-in. These apps are called bloatware, these bloatware are hardly of any use to any user. Try uninstalling them from Settings, Yes, I know certain bloatware cannot be installed. For that, you will need to root your device and perform uninstall using third-party apps. If you are willing to root your device, you can refer to our guides on rooting MediaTek chipset and rooting Qualcomm chipset.

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