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How to set date or time as PIN on Android

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How to set date or time as PIN on Android
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How to set auto update PIN on your Android: Make you Phone inaccessible

We tend to set a PIN or an unlock pattern to avoid misuse of our Android Phone. PIN or Pattern lock are visible when you unlock it in front of someone, so next time your friend will not need your help to access you smart phone.

To overcome this issue, there’s an app available on Google Play Store called, Smart Phone Lock – Lock screen. The app is complete free and easy to setup. The basic job of this app is to update your PIN every minute, that’s because it sets your device time as your PIN; as the time updates so does your PIN.

Just for an instance, if your device time is 4:30, then your PIN will be 0430. There are different options as well to setup: You can reverse set the time as PIN, off set, Date PIN and many other features. If you set off set option, you can add / subtract any number from the current time. Just for example, if the current time on your device is 4:30 and you have set offset of +10, then your current PIN will be 0440.

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smart pin 1smart pinSimilarly you can set date PIN, in that case your current date will be your PIN. Now you might be wondering, what if you forget which option you had selected? In that case, you can use your default PIN that you entered while installing the App.

Now, the best part is, even if you forget your default PIN, you can enter wrong default PIN three times. Then you will get an option to get your PIN on the registered mobile number as SMS. Last but not the least, you can also select to hide this app on the app list. Making is literally impossible for others to find the app or the PIN.

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