How to Schedule Volume Levels on Your Android Device? Be Smart, Work Smarter!

How to Schedule Volume Levels on Your Android Device? Be Smart, Work Smarter!

Ringtone volumes can be life saving in time of emergency. But they can also put you in to trouble in certain circumstances. For example, if you are with your boss in a really important meeting and suddenly your phone rings with full volume, won’t that be embarrassing? Of course, you can silent the volumes manually before meetings, but human brains have tendency to forget things.

That is why we are here with a solution. A new free app on the Play Store now lets you schedule volume levels of your Android device. You can simply create a volume profile for the week and set different volume levels for different day times. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide along with link to app, just go through it.

How to schedule volume levels on your Android device:

Step #1: First of all, you’ll need to download the app called “Volume Scheduler” by developer Yogesh dama.

Step #2: Next is to enable the app from the app itself and then you can proceed to set up your volume profile.


Step #3: By default, there are two preset profiles: Office and Home which you can tap and edit as per your requirement. Alternatively, you can tap + sign and create a new one.

how-to-schedule-volume-levels-on-your-android-device-step2Step #4: Inside the profile customization, you can select volume levels for ringtones and notifications. In addition, you can also change ringtone for different profile.

how-to-schedule-volume-levels-on-your-android-device-step3Step #5: After you are done playing with the ringtones and notification tones, head to the Schedule Settings section and set the time and day for the volume levels.


In case, you don’t want the volume levels to change automatically, you can enable “”Show popup and ask before applying on schedule time”. This will show you a pop-up message at the time you have scheduled to change volume levels, instead of changing volume levels automatically.

That’s it friends! Now never change volume levels manually and at the same time, don’t get caught in embarrassing situations because of your weird ringtone at the wrong place.

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