How to Rip Audio or Video Directly on Your Android Device from YouTube App

Whether it is about funny videos or your favorite music track, everyone jumps to YouTube app on their Android device. Even though, there are so many music streaming apps available on Play Store, YouTube has been in demand since long. There is one limitation of YouTube that it does not let you play your music in background, unless you subscribe to YouTube Red.

As long as your Android device is concerned, almost everything is possible. Yes, you can easily rip audio or video directly from YouTube app to your Android device without needing to visit any website. Before you proceed further, beware that many videos or audio tracks on YouTube are copyrighted and you should now download them illegally.

How to Download Audio or Video File from YouTube App on Your Android Device:

Step #1: Very first thing you will need to do is to download “Peggo” app on your Android device. The app isn’t available on Play Store, so visit the below link to download it.

need-to-download-peggo-app-on-your-android-device-step1Download Peggo app for Android

Step #2: After you have downloaded the app on your device, install it.

downloaded-peggo-app-on-your-device-install-it-step2Step #3: There aren’ any config required, so just jump to YouTube app and start playing an audio or video file that you wish to download.


Step #4: Once you get to the file, tap the “Share” icon on the top-right side of the video.


Step #5: From the list of sharing option, tap on “Peggo”.


Step #6: Now you will be redirected to Peggo app and from there you can chose to download audio or video. The downloaded file will be saved in the Peggo folder inside Music directory.



That’s all folks! Hope you liked this article. But once again, do not download copyrighted material for sake of piracy. Like and share this info with your friends. –Facebook, Twitter, and Google

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