How to make Time Lapse Video in Android Phone: Microsoft HyperLapse

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How to make Time Lapse Video in Android Phone: Microsoft HyperLapse
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Learn how to make time lapse video using Microsoft HyperLapse app

If you are planning to hike a marathon having a first person cam recording, you will surely need time lapse feature. As no one is going to watch a lengthy video, which is undoubtedly boring. Time lapse video records in fast forward mode, so you will not have to do any editing stuff; after you complete your recording.

Microsoft has launched an app called Hyperlapse, for Android devices which will entertain our requirement. The app creates smooth and stabilized time lapse first person videos , which are often shaky with normal camera app. The best part about the app is that, you can also time lapse any of your existing videos, that you shot with stock camera app.

Let’s get started with the tutorial.

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How to make Time Lapse video on Android:

It is pretty simple and neat to operate this app. It is almost similar as recording a normal video on stock camera app. Just Download Microsoft HyperLapse and open it, import your existing videos if you want to time lapse them.

If you want to make a new video, simply tap on RECORD. Once you finish recording, you will be presented with a scroll bar at bottom, from where you can set time lapse (x2, x4, x8 and so on). Set the limit as per your requirement and save it.

Time lapse videos come in handy when you are recording a longer event. For example, if you are trekking an mountain and would like to film every second of it, you can use time lapse, that will just fast forward it automatically. This makes it beautiful as well as interesting to viewers.

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