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How to Prevent Accidental Calls from your Android Phone

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How to Prevent Accidental Calls from your Android Phone
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Prevent Accidental Calls while your Phone is resting in your pocket.

We all have habit of keeping our phones in our pocket, and there are many instances when our phone calls recently dialed contacts because of touch screen. Probability of accidental calling increases while we are driving.

Opposite person can listen to whatever you are saying, and sometimes it is highly embarrassing. At times, it can be reason of a broken relationship. I personally have experienced this issue many times, which I cannot share here (for obvious reasons).

One of the solutions to avoid this mayhem is to set a PIN or pattern lock, but again, you might touch the Emergency call button and end up in even more troublesome situation, than calling a friend or an relative. So what’s the solution? There’s an free app available on Google Play Store that can come in handy.

The app simply adds a confirmation button on your calling screen before making an actual call. Give it a try as it doesn’t cost you a single dollar.


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How to prevent accidental calls from your phone:

Step #1: Open Google Play Store

Step #2: Search for Call Confirm; download and install it. (There are different apps with the same name, just refer to the image given below, to make sure you download the right app)

Screenshot_2015-11-05-13-00-49Step #3: For normal user, default settings would work, but if you want extra security then open the app and tap on Confirmation settings

Step #4: Now tick “ Only Selected “

Step #5: Now tap on Selected numbers and start adding number on which you want app to ask for confirmation. Please note: All other numbers that you have not included in list won’t be asked for confirmation before calling.

Voila! Now every time you call or rather say accidentally call, the app will ask for a confirmation before making an actual call. You can also set password before calling, but for that you will have to upgrade to Pro version. Upgrading to Pro version will cost you Rs. 90.37 ( $1.40 appro. )

If you wish to share some of your accidental call moments with us, you can use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or comment box given below.

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