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How to Make Android Devices Safe for Your Children?

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How to Make Android Devices Safe for Your Children?
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With the increasing popularity of android devices across the globe, it is becoming more and more difficult for the parents to restrict their children to safe internet content. It has been noticed that obscene and inappropriate content on the internet is not only shown on the adult websites but unfortunately it is also visible on the social media as well as online gaming websites that are considered safe for children. Similarly, kids playing games on the smartphones are inadvertently exposed to graphical and adult content through ads that pop up in between the games. Owing to this alarming situation, parents are finding it very distressing and tough to keep their children away from inappropriate content. There are many different ways to make android devices safe for your children. Please continue reading to know more.

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Create Restricted Profiles for Children:
This is one of the most common and easiest methods of keeping Android device safe for your children. Since Android devices do not have any built-in parental controls, they give the parents options to accomplish similar tasks. If your child’s device has Android 4.3 or later version, it is as easy as creating another profile that is restricted one and giving your children access only to the restricted profile. Remember! For the main profile it is important to have a screen lock in order to disallow kids from swapping profiles. The latest Android Lollipop version offers user accounts just like Mac and Windows.

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Download an Android Monitoring App:
The most powerful solution that not only restricts yours children from unwanted apps but also provides you complete details about your children’s activities on the Android device, is XNSPY which is an ultra-powerful Android monitoring app. By installing this app onto your children’s Android device, you are given access to a whole new world of parenting possibilities. This parental control app gives you complete access to your child’s geo location, sends you details about their sent received SMS/IM Chats, phone calls and multimedia files on the Android device. You may remotely enable/disable installed apps, lock phone and even switch it off when you want your kids to go to bed or to concentrate on their studies. If you want to know more about detailed android monitoring features offer by XNSPY, Please visit this link:

Restrict Apps via PIN Code:
All Android devices come with a feature that lets the users to restrict apps via PIN Code. It’s also known as pinning the apps. This requires the user to enter a pin code every time he tries to open an app. This lets parents to open specific app such as a game or a movie for their children and make them use it without being able to swap the apps. The only inconvenience as mentioned above is that parents would require entering a PIN code every time their child wants to play another game or watch another movie.

Restrict Google Play Store:
Did you know, Google Play Store has the option of parental controls? By pulling the navigation drawer from the left to access settings screen, you need to tap on user controls and access media restrictions based on rating. At this place, one can limit app and game downloads by age. By doing so, movies, TV shows and music are also restricted based on provided age. This also requires a PIN number to lock access to the Play Store settings.

In a nutshell, internet enabled gadgets are undoubtedly harmful for the children however if they are managed properly by the parents, their potential hazards can be avoided to quite an extent.

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