How-To: Install Speed Alerts to Google Maps On Android Phone (Velociraptor)

How-To: Install Speed Alerts to Google Maps On Android Phone (Velociraptor)

Google Maps application has turned into a need for everybody who spent the real piece of their day in driving. The application has the absolute most phenomenal components but then there are dissensions that it does not have a few elements as well. One the component which Google Map needs is the nonattendance of Speedometer. In any case, there is an option which is discovered as of now and it will give you the arrangement on how you can add speed cautions to your most loved Google Maps application.

How to Add Speed Limit Alerts to Google Maps on Android Phones

So we are simply going to include as far as possible element in it. Here is the manner by which we will approach the things.

Step #1. Download the Velociraptor App from Google Play Store or from HERE.

how-to-install-speed-alerts-to-google-maps-on-androidStep #2. Open the Velociraptor application and go to settings on the application.

how-to-install-speed-alerts-to-google-maps-on-android-steps-2Step #3. Flip the change alongside “Permit Velociraptor to recognize the current application by turning on its openness benefit”.

how-to-install-speed-alerts-to-google-maps-on-android-steps-3Step #4. Presently the Accessibility Settings will open, empower Velociraptor as well.

how-to-install-speed-alerts-to-google-maps-on-android-steps-1Step #5. Backpedal to application settings and redo alternatives of your likings like empower/impair sound cautions for surpassing as far as possible, change the unit to miles or kilometers every hour and speeding ready resistance.

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