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How to Install One-Handed Mode On Android – Steps to Enable in Google Keyboard

How to Install One-Handed Mode On Android - Steps to Enable in Google Keyboard
How to enable Google Keyboard One-Handed mode on any android device. Check out this steps to install One-Handed operation in android's Google Keyboard
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How to Install One-Handed Mode On Android – Steps to Enable in Google Keyboard
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In your routine life we are going to so many places like Cinema, market and shopping malls and in that time our hand are busy to carrying some luggage as shopping bags, personal mobile and other things. So how can you operate your mobile if your phone is ringings, now need to worry about the situation, here we are coming with One-Handed Operation mode for android smartphone users.

Like You are coming from travel destination and you’re with a language bag in your one hand and you want to operate mobile device with another hand but due to lots of bags and heavily screen mobile you can use and type anything in your smartphone. But now One-Handed Mode in Android Google Keyboard will help you to typing speed up with easily tricks.

How to Enable Google Keyboard One Handed Operation for Any Android Device

User who has large screen phone like Redmi 3S Prime and they want to use one handed mode for their smartphone then here we are giving you step-by-step information on One-Handed operation for android on any rooted phone. You can try and install One-Hand Mode Xposed Mod App and read the full news of how can I install One-Hand Mode Xposed Mod app on your android phone.

Steps to Install OneHand Mode Xposed Mod App (With Rooted)

Step #1 – Go to the Additional Setting


Step #2 – Click On One-handed Mode

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Go-to-the-Additional-Setting-for-one-handed-modeStep #3 – For left-handed users, add in the right and top margin value

Step #4 – For right-handed users, add in the left and top margin value

add_left_right_top_margin_value_one_handed_modeStep #5 – Read the message “Ask before entering the One-handed mode”

One-Handed-Operation-on-Android-finalAdditional Info: Don’s add large margin value because its not giving proper look your smartphone with one-handed mode. Suggesting should have under 150 value

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What’s New in Google Keyboard 5.0 Features


– Customize keyboard
– One-handed mode function with right or left commands
– Language Supporting Typing & Suggestions
– Layout support
– Show borders around keys
– Bug fixes
– Passwords Protection
– Android N Support
– Delete words and cursor control
– Long-press to access Symbols


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