How to Hide Any File or Folder in Android

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How to Hide Any File or Folder in Android
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Hide any file or folder in Android without any App

Android is basically a Linux operating system, thus most of the Linux tricks works well on Android. One of such trick is to hide your files or folders without installing any app. The trick works well with almost all Android version and also on every single Android device.

We all have some or the other secret stuff to hide, we install different apps that protects certain folders or file with password. But then, there’s a downside, someone with your cell can clearly see that you are hiding something because the app asks for a password.

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To overcome this issue, we have come up with a trick. The trick is to prefix a ‘ DOT ‘ before name of any file or folder. This will make that particular file or folder hidden. It does not matter whether it is an image or video or an entire folder with your secret stuff. It will hide it all.

The only downside in hiding images and folders is that, there thumbnail do show up in Gallery, because they are cached by your Android device. When you want to UN-hide, simply rename the file to its original name by removing the ‘DOT’.

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Below is the Video tutorial on how to hide any file or folder in Android

You might be wondering how come a single DOT can make your file or folder hidden. The reason behind it is that, all Android System files have a DOT prefixed to their name so that they remain hidden from you. You cannot accidentally or intentionally mess or delete them. So when you add a DOT before any name, Android believes it to be a system file and hides it.

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