How to Find Your Lost Android Smartphone: Track Your Lost Phone's Last Active

How to Find Your Lost Android Smartphone: Track Your Lost Phone’s Last Active

Smartphone a new generation’s pocket to carry everything in one single gadget while it is personal information, documents, pics, videos, official emails, credit card details, and most important thing is contact. People always worry about their lost smartphones while they are losing their smartphone for above things. If you are using android smartphone then following steps are very easy to learn how to find you lost Android smartphone in one simple click.

Learn Settings Steps to Find Your Android Phone

Step #1: Top to Click in Settings App and scroll down to find the Google menu
Step #2: After Click to Security button
Step #3: Get Security code by clicking assigned to your device by Google
Step #4: Keep this Security code as safe to somewhere so you can get easily while it may be asked to enter this code when looking for your lost Android phone
Step #5: In Security section, Allow remote lock and erase options. Make sure both these are turned on
Step #6: Comeback to Settings section and select final destination
Step #7: Tap to click on Google Location History
Step #8: Turn On Google’s Location tracking feature so that it can show your last location seen.

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find-lost-smartphone-steps-security-settingsAfter doing above process your android smartphone is properly set up and you can find very easily to track or find lost android phone.

How to Find Your Lost Android Phone

Step #1. Sign in your Google account which you have used in your android smartphone or click Multiple Android account users have to switch to the lost device in the drop-down menu

Step #2. Select model of your lost Android smartphone from the list, and this Android Device Manager will display the status of where and when your device was last active

Step #3. With this Android Device Manager tool – you can make your smartphone ring, lock and reset, or completely erase, it all are self-evident and showing the result of location of your device on the map.

how-to-find-your-lost-android-smartphoneThis google’s default feature to find your lost android phone is very simple easy to operate, but is not very useful if the thief turns the device off. Get more related article related to android smartphone you can get here.. Do tell us your experience on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the remarks..

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