Top 3 Methods of Downloading APK File on Your PC: Lear How to Process Guide

Top 3 Methods of Downloading APK File on Your PC: Lear How to Process Guide

APK file is an application format for the android apps. All the apps and games that you use on your android smartphones are in APK format. Now these files can also be downloaded externally on your PC but most people don’t know how to do that and it bothers them when they need it for something urgent. In this article, I am going to tell you the top 3 methods of downloading APK file on your PC. These are the simplest and easiest methods known yet to the internet users and will definitely cheer you up. Let us know begin with our guide to do that mentioned process.

Method #1: By using an online APK converter.

For me, this is the best and easiest method to download the APK files on your PC. If you keep looking for a file on other APK websites, there are good chances that sometimes you may not even find the ones of your choice. Using these converters will allow you to get the exact APK file for the app which you just found on the play store. Follow are the easy steps which will show you to use these converters.

 Go through Envozi Apk Downloader

Now open the Google play store and copy the link address of the app from the address bar.

Now paste this link into the bar in the tool and click on ‘Generate Download Link’.

how-to-downloading-apk-file-format-on-your-pc-methodsThe tool will generate the download link for you and then you can download the free APK file for you.

Method #2: Downloading APK file from 3rd Party Websites.

Another Method of getting your apk file is to go through some popular apk sites like AndroidMandess and download your desire app or game in apk file from there. This method is best among all because these site not only provide you apk files but also inform you about other things like requirements of that app or game and many more. Secondly you can also get a list of all versions of a app which allow low android version devices to get the version compatible with their device.


Method #3: By Using the Browser Extensions.

Another of the easiest methods which you can use to download the free APK files are by using the different browser extensions. For instance, if you are using Google Chrome, you can go to its store and there, simply type the keyword ‘APK Downloader’ and you will get a lot of extensions. Add these extensions, whichever you prefer, in your browser, add anyone you like, and start using it to get the free APK files from any site including Google Play Store.

downloading-apk-file-from-3rd-party-websitesDid this guide help you? Let us know what you think by commenting your feedback in the comment section and use these methods to download the free APK files and keep enjoying.

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