How to Delete Search History On YouTube OR Remove Recommended Videos on Android/Computer

How to Delete Search History On YouTube OR Remove Recommended Videos on Android/Computer

As we know that YouTube is the best channel to watch latest movie videos, movies, songs & android phones related news. It is the best entertainment apps platform to get anything from there. But when we are using YouTube at one and many times, the history will be saved automatically and also recommending same videos to watch again n again. Just check the guide to remove all traces of your viewing videos and clear your search history as well as your videos watched history. Sometimes users are very irritating of watching videos history and Recommendation.

Are you looking the best tricks & tips to clear YouTube search history in your android smartphone. Here we are placing few steps to remove recommended and suggested videos on android phone and personal computer.

How to Clear YouTube Search History in Android Smartphone – How to Remove Recommended Videos on Android

Step #1. Install YouTube, If already there, then Tap to Open on your smartphone.

Step #2. Click on three vertical dots at the right side corner in your smartphone.

how-to-delete-search-history-on-youtubeStep #3. Tap on Settings by drop-down the list.

Step #4. Now, Click on Privacy and get right menu bar with four options like

Clear watch history
Clear search history
Pause watch history
Pause search history

how-to-delete-youtube-search-historyNow you can clean up the entire history in this stage.

Step #5. Tap on OK.

How to Clear YouTube Search History/Remove Recommended Videos on Computer

Step #1. Open on your computer

Step #2. sing-up with your email ID and password in YouTube website.

Step #3. Tap on History by scrolling down to bottom part.

Step #4. Now will get two options: Watch History and Search History.

Step #5. Computer is selected Watch history by default

Step #6. Now tap on clear all watch history and then confirm it.

Step #7. Tap on Search history.

Step #8. Hare also have two options like clear all search history and pause search history.

Step #9. Tap on Clear all search history and confirm it.

Now process is over here and you can do this activity to clear history any time you want.

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