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How To Curb Smartphone Addiction And Boost Productivity

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How To Curb Smartphone Addiction And Boost Productivity
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Heard about Nomophobia? It’s the fear of not having phones around you. 87% of millennials say that they carry smartphone almost every time. Again, 80% of mobile phone users check their device within 15 minutes once they wake up. The smartphone addiction has transformed into a grave problem than we could have ever imagined.

Although smartphones are helpful, you shouldn’t use it for long hour. You need to keep a track of your activities to know whether you are also addicted to your smartphone. If you are frequently checking Instagram when you’re out for a dinner with your friends, playing Candy Crush while walking down the lane or just digging deep into your Facebook feeds, you are a Smartphone addict. Don’t worry! Here’s how you can change these habits with these effective tips.

Change Your Habits

According to your routine, you may fallen prey to the habit of constantly checking your mobile device frequently. Once you have realized that you’ve got a wrong habit, it’s easier to work towards changing it. The primary thing you need to do is to convert your phone time into something productive. You need to move slowly and try to change your habit.

You should start the task of changing the habit from you waking up. Research says that keeping mobile phones near you while you sleep can degrade your sleep wellness. On the contrary, leave it behind in the living room or kitchen for charging. And if you set the alarm on your phone, get an alarm clock instead.

As discussed above, there are many people who check their phones before leaving their bed. Hence, it’s necessary to leave your phone behind and wake up without the temptation of checking phones. Spend more time talking to your dear ones on your breakfast table.

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Reconfigure Your Phone

Basically, reconfiguring your phone will include turning off notifications. Therefore, if the phone rings every time a message or email strikes your phone, it’s better to turn off notifications. Because notifications will distract from your goals and make you again engaged with Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

There are settings to reduce audible rings, buzzes and alerts in both iOS and Android phones. You can even switch off your phone for particular amount of time. You can also keep it silent. This way, you will be able to receive notifications but will not get distracted by it.

You can switch your phone to airplane mode to cut the down the flow of notifications. You can switch off airplane mode as per wish. Moreover, make your meal table entirely phone-free.

Use An App To Beat Smartphone Addiction

It’s always good to get an extra help while you are struggling with Smartphone addiction. In addition to a strong will power to overcome the menace, you will need an application that can help you immensely to break phone addiction. Here’s an app that can support you: –

You can call Social Fever as the best app to curb smartphone addiction. It’s powerful Android smartphone usage monitoring app that assists you to keep up the balance between real and digital life. Using Social Fever app, you can set productive interests such as fruitful hobbies, interests etc. You can set goals and monitor hours spent on the phone. Hence, you can actually be a smart mobile phone user. Further, you can set time to use your phone and indulge yourself into productive activities. You can also view the saved time regularly with app.

This way you can take much good care of your body and mind. Simply put together, you can track any activity done with your smartphone, even the number of times you unlocked it.

By following all these methods, you can easily track down hours spent on your smartphone and then deal with it strategically.

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