How to Connect PS4 Controller to Play Games on Android Device

How to Connect PS4 Controller to Play Games on Android Device

Engineers have aced touchscreen controls for their diversions, however there are bunches of titles which bolster amusement controller extras which associate through Bluetooth.

You could go out and purchase the MOGA Hero Power or a retro-styled 8Bitdo, however there’s no motivation to burn through cash on a Bluetooth gaming controller on the off chance that you effectively possess a PS4. Take after the guidelines beneath and you’ll be playing games on your Android gadget with your PS4 controller in under 2 minutes.

Step by Step Instructions to Connect PS4 Controller:

  • Press and hold the PS and Share catches on your PS4 controller to place it into matching mode. A white light will streak on the back of the controller once matching mode is turned on.
  • On your Android gadget, go to Settings > Bluetooth and ensure Bluetooth is turned on
  • Squeeze Scan for new mobile device
  • Tap Wireless Controller to match the PS4 controller with your smartphone

Once the PS4 controller is matched with your android phone or tablet, you’ll have the capacity to utilize it to play a large number of your most loved Android games. Most hustling, flying, battling and side-looking over recreations have worked in support for Bluetooth controllers, however in the event that you have a weakness for confuse diversions, you might be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Ideally that will change once the Play Store is accessible on Chromebooks not long from now.

In the event that you’ve utilized the PS4 or whatever other Bluetooth controller to play games on your Android mobile, we’d love to hear which games you prescribe.

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