Clean-up Your Smartphone With Systweak Android Cleaner App (Free Up Space)

Clean-up Your Smartphone With Systweak Android Cleaner App (Free Up Space)

In front of our handy android devices laptops and computers looks bulky. Gradually smartphones are replacing computers. We can do almost everything on our compact smartphones. But these devices are having some limitations regarding RAM, internal memory and the battery life. Our android devices require regular clean up to remove unwanted files to make room for the new stuff. Saving the battery life is also equally required at the same time. Keeping all these requirements in mind Systweak has created an app “Systweak Android Cleaner” Which is very user friendly and the best part is it optimize your phone in a way that you can smoothly perform your daily activates on it such as playing games, managing apps, organizing your files, using battery saving mode etc.

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Let us put some light on the main features of this wonderful application.

1. Home screen of Systweak Android Cleaner:

home_screen-of-systweak-android_cleanerOnce you have downloaded and installed the app from the play store you will see its home screen which is very easy to understand. It shows Internal memory status, percentage of RAM used and battery remaining. On this screen you will also see buttons for Junk file clean up, for removal of duplicate files, to put your phone on hibernate mode etc.

2. Junk files clean up:

systweak-junk-files-clean-upWhen you will tap first option that is junk files it will calculate the space to be optimized and after free seconds it will show you category wise space which you can optimize. Here temporary files and External Application Cache will be selected by default. You can clean the junk by taping clean now

3. Duplicate files

systweak-duplicate-filesUnder this feature your device will be scanned for all kind of duplicate files either they are music, photos, documents or videos files. It will show results in an auto-mark format where last file or files (in case of more than one duplicates) of the group remain marked to be deleted. Alternatively, you can select “Mark all except last” to select the first file (s) of the group to be deleted. You can select “Unmark All” option to manually and can select the files to be deleted.

In other options, you can select “Unmark Shortest file location” to unmark those duplicate files which exist at shortest file location on your device storage space. This will mark those duplicate files which exist at longest file location to be deleted. Certainly this will help you to clean duplicate files which exists on your device without your knowledge.

4. Hibernate:

systweak-hibernateThis is the newly added feature to this app you can put both your preinstalled or user apps on hibernate mode. Initially before putting an app on hibernate mode you will be asked for permission. Hibernate mode for applications means an application will remain on your phone but it will not contribute in device usage while not active. You can access the app anytime and in the state of inactivity it goes back to hibernate. This helps a lot in saving battery life and keeping RAM free.

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5. File Explorer:

systweak-file-cleanup-file-explorerYou can find many files explores on google play store some android devices come with a preinstalled file explore but this file explore is really amazing here you can find what you need within seconds because you can categorize your files by their types so if you are looking for a video you need not to dive deep into the folders you will simply find it in videos and same for all your files.

6. App manager:

systweak-clean-up-app-managerApp manager is a powerful tool to manage your installed apps, here you will be able to see how much space an app is taking on your device and when you have installed it. So if you have installed an app and forgot as you are not using it from a long time you can quickly uninstall it from here.

7. Game Speed up:

systweak-game-speed-upIf you are a gamer this feature of Systweak android booster app will help you enjoy your games on android device as you are playing them on a gaming console. You can add a game or an app here and when you are playing the same it will dedicate more RAM by stopping all background apps.

8. Battery Saver:

systweak-battery-saver-appWhen you will tap on battery percentage showing on the home screen. You will see battery saver screen. This screen will show you which all functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, background sync etc. are on. You can turn on battery saver in one tap and it will make your device’s battery to last long.

So why should wait to get such an amazing package for free. Download the app now from google play store and make your device running as it is brand new.


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