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How to Backup, Restore & Recover Data On Android Phone

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How to Backup, Restore & Recover Data On Android Phone
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Here we are going to tell you. How to Back-Up Your Android Phone?. If you also want to take a backup of your mobile then you are reaching the right palce.

How to Backup Contacts, Messages or SMS?
Every person has mobile and we keep our essential data in mobile itself. The contacts and messages are very important in the phone. If the phone is lost or damaged, then we have a lot of trouble. So if the whole mobile data goes, then we have to back up the phone.

You can also backup your photos and videos. With the help of this Backup post, you can get your needed contact, video again. Backup file works a lot when the phone gets spoiled For your SMS and Photo stay safe, we will also ask you to take SMS Backup and Photos Backup how to manage.

So let’s learn now “how to backup android phone”. If you also want to backup your important data, then read this post carefully from the beginning to the end. Only then will you get all the information and you will be able to back up your mobile.

Tricks and Tips How to back up and restore your Android Phone

To back up your mobile, we are telling you about two best apps. With which you can back up your phone easily. Let’s check it now:

Easy Backup & Restore on Your Smartphone

Through this app – application you can backup messages, contacts, apps, call logs, Videos backup and all other data. And you can also store it in your External SD Card:

Download App

First download this App of Easy Backup Restore – Apps Backup in your phone.

Install App

After the downloading it and install now.

Click No Option

As soon as you open the app you will be asked to backup. You can backup at the same time or even later. Then do not do it and first set it back then backup it.

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Tap On Menu

Open the app and click on menu. Go to Settings and click on the SD Card Backup Directory.

Tap On Storage

Now click on Storage and do okay.

Select Data

After ok, click on Backup and select all of which you want to backup. You can also back up or take it one by one.

Select SD Card

Select and select OK and select the SD card. And now here you give the name of the backup, then click Ok. Your backup will now start. Your backup is complete.

View Backup

You can also view it by viewing or Ok, you can see the backup file by going to File Manager. It is saved as a zip file.

How to Backup File Restore in a minutes?

As discussed with you on how to back up your android data then we will give you information on how to restore the file.

Open App

First, open the app and click on menu.

Click Restore

Click Restore Now.

Click SD Card

Next, select the SD card.

Click on You Want Data

After selecting the SD card, you will be asked to set the default app for SMS so you can either Cancel or Yes.

Select Folder

After that you will get all the backup files. Click on whatever you want to backup. Click on the file you have backed up. Next, you will have the Confirm option to Restore, then you click Ok.

Your file will be restore. In this way you can easily restore any file you want to restore. And can get it again.


Super Backup & Restore

This is a Super Backup & Restore app is used to back up Android phones. So know how to use this app now.

Download App

First of all you have to download this app Super Backup & Restore.

Install App

Now after downloading the app, install it now.

Open App

After installing, open the app. You will have many options in front of you, click on whatever you want to backup.

Click Backup Option

After selecting the option, now click on the option of the backup you will come and OK.

Save Backup File

Now you will be asked to save the backup file by keeping it Default and clicking Ok. The backup of the item you selected has now become a backup.

Click Backup File

Click the item you have backed up to restore it.

Click Restore

Now you will see some options, click on Restore.

Select Backup File

After restoring you have to select the backup file. And click on OK Now your data will be restore.
So by using this app you can back up your data and also restore the data.


You have gone through how to backup and restore data on your android phone and along with that we also told you that Contact Backup information given by us will be useful to you.

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