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How Much Does It Cost to Make Android App? – Surely doesn’t cost a fortune

how much does it cost to make android app
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How Much Does It Cost to Make Android App? – Surely doesn’t cost a fortune
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How Much Does It Cost to Make Android App – Answer to your question

You may probably be thinking of developing a mobile app, and are now wondering just how much does it cost to make Android app? Well, the answer to such a query is rather complicated, and it needs to take into consideration several factors that come into play in making such an estimate. To begin with, it is important for you to understand that both Android and iOS app development tend to cost virtually the same price. Ideally, the only difference which can be apparent in the development of apps for both these platforms is the undeniable fact that Android devices come in a wide variety. Additionally, the screen sizes of these mobile devices are also noted for coming in varying proportions.

All this issues make the application development process in this particular platform relatively tougher as when contrasted with the iOS platform. This means that it usually takes much more time for mobile developers to work on Android apps. Therefore, if you keen on developing an Android app which supports older versions of the operating systems the eventual estimate will definitely be higher.

What are the major factors that you need to take into account to arrive at an Android app cost?

At the same time, the exact duration needed to develop an Android app along with its given complexity are also critical factors when it comes to how much does it cost to make Android app you want. Typically, most mobile app developers charge hourly rates, which factor in the total time it takes to develop these applications. They also take time to consider the exact features that you may require, which are usually referred to as an app’s business logic. This includes settling for functionalities for animations, prototyping and even distinctive custom features. Of course Android apps developers also take into account any sudden outcomes or alterations that may be encountered in the mobile app development process.

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Just how much do Android apps cost to develop?

Generally the exact prices that developers fix for these applications are normally categorized, for the most part, based on the exact complexity of the given Android app. A simplistic Android app that comes with basic features and functionalities can require at least two months to fully develop. For such a particular project, a mobile app developer can demand a price of from $5,000 to $10,000.

On the flipside, a mid tier complexity Android app can necessitate more than two months to be fully developed. Most reputable mobile app developers can charge you a price of from $12,000 to $24,000 to undertake such a development project. Finally, a highly advanced Android app which comes with an elaborate database or any other enterprise level features and functionalities can need more than six months to develop. Based on this factor, a mobile app developer will therefore demand a price of from $30,000 to $50,000 to undertake such an extensive development project.

Global Android app development cost

As would be expected when thinking of the factors that determine how much does it cost to make Android app geographical issues also come into play. For instance, United States and United Kingdom based developers can undertake the development of an average Android app for a price that lies in the range of $10,000 to $50,000. Alternatively, they might ask for a price that runs up to $80,000 for an intricate database or enterprise level Android app. In the Eastern part of Europe, the average hourly rates of mobile app development fall in the range of at least three times lesser than what it would cost you in the United States or United Kingdom.

Finally in Asia, and more particularly in India, the mobile app development process is highly noted for been very relatively inexpensive when compared to other regions of the globe. For example, should you ultimately enlist the services of a freelance mobile app developer in this Asian nation to undertake your Android app development project. Depending on the exact complexity of such work, he or she can decide to charge you no more than hourly rates of ten dollars. As you can see, the cost of developing an Android app does vary from one location of the globe to the next. However, virtually all mobile app developers usually arrive at the exact prices they fix for the projects they take up using the various factors that have been reviewed here.

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