Google’s driver less car will talk to pedestrians

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Google’s driver less car will talk to pedestrians
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Patent Approved, we will see Google’s driver less car talking with Pedestrians

United States Patent and Trademark Office approved the patent application filed by Google on 24th November 2015. The patent is about self-driving cars that will be able to talk to pedestrians.

The patent describes using electronic screens mounted on the side of the vehicle — including potentially the roof, hood and rear of vehicle — to tell a pedestrians if it was safe to cross” – Washington Post.

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google carImage Source: U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

According to the image from US Patent office, screens will show different signs that will guide pedestrians. As there will not be any driver in the car, pedestrians will not be able to judge whether the car is waiting for them to cross.

This is certainly an innovative step in field of automation, but the challenge is how reliable these new technologies are. Specially when it comes to road safety.

There is no clear picture on what signs the car display will show; but assuming there will be some basic traffic signs like: a stop sign, a traffic sign, or just text. Some other notable features from Patent suggests that the car might also have a speaker that may speak out alerts like: “coming through” or “safe to cross.”

Most fascinating part is that the car will be having a robotic hand and eyes, while it will be little weird for pedestrians to see a robotic gestures on streets. The patent describes using Bluetooth or a local network to identify the close proximity of the user’s smartphone, and then unlocking the doors.

What do you think, will it be safe for pedestrians with driver-less cars running on road? Share your opinion with us in comment box below.

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