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Google Pixel & Pixel XL Features, Specs & Price: New Phones Avail in October

Google Pixel & Pixel XL Features, Specs & Price
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Google Pixel & Pixel XL Features, Specs & Price: New Phones Avail in October
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Google has been running heavy marketing campaigns on announcing their new event for October the 4th. It is expected that they will release information about their 2 new phones, Pixel and Pixel XL.

With a large marketing campaign designed to draw attention to the event itself, we expect even more marketing of the revealed products, which looks to be very promising based on the amount of money Google is spending already.

There’s been a lot of rumors circulating the internet the past month, regarding Google’s new phones, and ever since the previous CEO of Motorola got a new job at Google’s hardware department, people have been suspecting that the leading search company will focus more on developing their own phones, instead of letting HTC design and develop their new models.

Below are a few of the most credible rumors that we believe could be based on truth.

The Pixel comes in two models

There are plenty of sources suggesting two new codenames for the phones believed to be announced on October the 4th; Sailfish and Marlin. It is expected by the majority of rumormongers that Sailfish will be dubbed “Pixel” and Marlin “Pixel XL”, indicating a larger screen and possibly better hardware.


Estimating hardware specs

There are no hard facts about the hardware supposedly coming with the new phones, but based on the current technologies available, and looking at the newly released iPhone 7, it should be possible to give a reasonable guess.

CPU : 1.59GHz QuadCore Snapdragon 820
Hard Drive: 32GB – 128GB
RAM: 4GB Standard
Camera: 12MP Dual Sensor
Battery: 3450mAh
Screen Size: 5” and 5,5” for Pixel and Pixel XL

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The Snapdragon 820 is supposedly the chipset going to be used in Pixel and Pixel XL, although there are a chance that the new Snapdragon 821 will be used instead, depending on logistics and how competitive Google are. Based on their current marketing budget, this author believes that we could very well see Snapdragon 821 because it appears Google are investing heavily into their new lineup, and thus are willing to go the extra mile.


Android specs

There’s been a few leaks of the latest version of Android, ie. 7.1 also known as API 25, indicating that there are a few specific software features only available for the new Pixel phones.

While all phones supporting Android 7 most likely will be able to upgrade to 7.1 once released, it is not all of the new features that will run on existing phones for a few different reasons.

Pixel & Pixel XL will most likely be showcasing new circular icons, and the API 25 has a few placeholders for icons, only available for the Nexus phones, Google’s current phone lineup.

Since the new Android 7.1 isn’t available for the public, nor for developers outside of Google, we only have a limited amount of information regarding the software, but reports state that the Pixel’s will get their own dedicated launcher, running independent of Android.

Own manufacturing division

One of the more interesting things to follow regarding the announcement has to do with who exactly will be producing the hardware for the new Pixel’s. HTC is the obvious candidate, having worked closely with Google since 2009, producing the Nexus lineup.

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, has previously stated that Google would like to have more opinions regarding the phones they develop, but some spectators believe it was meant for the software part, not the hardware. Seeing as how the new Android 7.1 is believed to have Pixel-specific software, it appears that HTC would still be manufacturing the phones, since, after all, there’s significant cost and risk connected with a complete production line.


Compared to Apple’s iPhone 7 rumors, there are far less credible sources pertaining to the new Google mobiles, which could be somewhat damaging to the hype that rumors help build, but then again, can’t Google just create their own hype?

All in all, this author believes that HTC will still be producing the phones, that the new Android 7.1 will feature specific features exclusive to the Pixel’s, and most likely we will see both phones feature the Snapdragon 821 chipset since Google seems to be using quite the marketing budget, even before announcing anything concrete.

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