Google’s New Virtual Stickers to Saved Places on Google Maps for Android

Google’s New Virtual Stickers to Saved Places on Google Maps for Android
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Now you can apply stickers to all the restored places as per the new Google Maps update. Thus making them outwardly less demanding to discover while you’re taking a gander at the guide.

The way that you can just utilize the stickers for home or business locales and not some other spared areas is somewhat frail, yet Google will in all probability let you pick symbols for other spared areas later on.

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Setting an Icon to Home or Work

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Getting to the sticker screen is really boredom. To start with, you need to open up the “Your places” tab on the menu, then select the “Home” or “Work” address under “Named.” You can set the location now in the event that you haven’t done as such as of now.

Once you’ve chosen one of the locations, it’ll open up in the guide. At that point, click on the location at the base of the screen to raise the choices menu for that address. Ugh. Once you’re there, you’ll at long last see an alternative to “Pick a symbol,” which will raise a plate of stickers you can browse.

Once you’ve picked one, the icon will come up always on your map, regardless of how far you zoom in or out.

On the off chance that you need to evacuate it, you can do a reversal through the procedure to get to the symbol menu, or you can simply erase the spared address and sort it back in once more, which appears a great deal less demanding.

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