Google Maps can now be used in Offline Mode on Android

Google Maps can now be used in Offline Mode on Android
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Now you can use Google Maps offline on your Android Smart Phone

Google maps have really helped us in many situations, either we were lost in some dream land or we wanted a short-cut to avoid Toll. Users like me might have used it to explore the unexplored places. All in all, Google Maps are part of our lives. Apart from that, Google Maps have also helped us to know about traffics or any road blocks on our way.

Until today, we had to rely on internet connection in order to use Google maps for navigation. But today as per the latest update in Google Maps, users will be able to access it in offline mode. Yes, there are certain catches to this feature, but then, something is always better than nothing.

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Users will now be able to save certain locations or routes on their devices, where you are sure to have poor internet connection. As soon as you have reached the saved location, Google Maps will automatically move to offline mode, without leaving you disconnected. Turn-by-turn directions, searches, store hours, and the like will all continue to be available.

Google-MapsThe update will soon be rolling out to users, as of now my device has not yet received any update. So make sure you check Google Play Store for an update. You are likely to not receive update on Cellular data, if you have selected auto-update on Wi-Fi option.

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