Google event to be held on 29th September

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Google event to be held on 29th September
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As per the latest news coming in, Google has invited a press conference on 29th September 2015 for making new announcement on upcoming products. 

It is clearly evident that new products from Google will be announced at the event. We all have anticipated the launch of new Nexus series.

google event

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Bigger question is that, whether we will be served with any other delicious dish apart from Nexus series. The new Nexus has been rumored from quite a some time over internet. Recently, we have noticed leaked images and specification of the new Nexus series.

As per the reports, we will be getting two new Nexus phones; one made by LG which might be called as Nexus 5X and the other one will be made by Huawei which might be named as Nexus 6P.

Apart from Nexus excitement, there are unofficial news on Google to launch the updated version of Chromecast. If you are not familiar with Chromecast; it’s a small device that can directly be plugged-in to TV for streaming contents from services like Netflix.

This September is full of Smart phone news; can we expect something revolutionary or rather say ‘out of the blue’ announcement from Google. As there have been many new high-end smart phones launched till date and many more to come by the end of this month.

Google is undoubtedly a technology giant, but consumers are becoming smarter day-by-day; Google will have to serve something really different this time to please the smart phone public.

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