Google Duo : Video calling app with Knock Knock Feature

Its a great news for Video Calling users who are frequently doing with business partners, friends and family to connect with more emotions. Google Duo gives superb visibility of yourself to connect to other devices who are using the same app or not. It connects to Android or iOS both the operating systems.

Google Duo is a dynamic video calling app launching today for all mobile users. Its available on Google PlayStore and one can download the same. As per the Google Official Post the app is rolling now. There is a Pre-register option is available for now and one can download asap or you may have to wait for long if there are bunch of people start download the same.

Google Duo will be alternate of Skype or Google Hangout but we have to wait for its performance as it comes. It may charge you if you are using mobile data as per company rates.

It has simple interface as it shows in the video. The design is been simple and reliable as it has Google brand name.

Knock Knock Feature:
What is Knock Knock feature in Google Duo? Its one of the prime features we can say. It gives caller’s photo before pick up the call. Its a preview feature we can say. So download Google Duo and check how Knock Knock works.


Video Quality:
As Google always gives their best in their products. Google Duo will surely come with faster and high quality video calls. The performance will depend on your Internet connectivity.

As Google is launching Google Duo on Android and iOS it will work on both. One can connect from Android to iOS or iOS to Android as well.

Checkout Google Duo Video which will help you more in understanding this one to one video calling app by Google.

Download Google Duo for Android or iOS and have a great video calling performance.

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