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Get read Receipt in WhatsApp even if receiver has disabled it – How To ?

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Get read Receipt in WhatsApp even if receiver has disabled it – How To ?
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No More Sound Sleep, as Read Receipt in WhatsApp is possible even if you have disabled it

Many users had a feeling of relief after WhatsApp released an update that had a privacy setting to disable Read Receipt. This feature was welcomed especially by the users who were in a relationship and wanted to have a sound sleep or wanted to play Clash of Clans. They can now easily fake, that they were asleep while the actual scenario could be totally different.

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We are here to disappoint some of you because we have found an easy way to get read receipt even if you have disabled it. The post will surely make your girlfriend happy. To get read receipt from the user who have disabled it, you’ll not need to Root your device, or install any third-party app. It’s kind of a loophole that WhatsApp might have accidentally left open. Now let’s get to the point and check below for the guide.

How to get read receipt in WhatsApp in case receiver has disabled it:

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The trick is to create a WhatsApp group with people you wish to get read receipt from. According to current settings in WhatsApp, when every member of the group has read your message, the tick color changes blue. This is regardless of the person’s privacy settings. The privacy settings are applied to individual chats and not in the group chats.

So, all you need to do is to create a group and send the message. In case you want to chat with your boyfriend / girlfriend in private, you can simply make a group with just two of you. So now, neither of you could lie that ‘I was sleeping’.

As of now, the trick is working but we guess WhatsApp might work on this loophole once they get their eyes on it. Till then, enjoy the trick. You can leave your feedback by commenting below in case you need any assistance.

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